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Ten Water Parks In Yunnan

Summer is coming, how to cool down? Iced watermelon, or climbing mountain, or blowing air? Undoubtedly, the refreshing and exciting water parks are more likely to cool you down in the summer.


Yunnan OCT Hot Spring Water World

Located in the middle section of Santorini vacation town, facing the sea and backing the mountain, it takes your eyes to the good view of the lakes and mountains in Yangzonghai Lake, reaching 32 square kilometers far. 

The project, covering 120,000 square meters, consists of the theme tourism of Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, eco-tourism town, sports park, international conference center, top hot spring SPA, hot spring water park, ecological wetland and forest leisure park, including a European-style SPA with a building area of 20,000 square meters, which owns a hot spring pool area with 65 characteristic pools and a water entertainment area with six sets of large-scale imported equipment.


Recommendation: starry sky bath, infinity pool, four giant gods, cyclone grand horn

Address: Yunnan Overseas Chinese Town, Yangzonghai Lake Scenic Spot, Yiliang County, Kunming

Tel: 0871-68389333

Tickets: 160 yuan/person (Monday to Friday)  190 yuan/person (weekend)

Opening Hours: 10:00am - 2:00 midnight the next day


Xishuangbanna Wanda Theme Park (Water Park)

Xishuangbanna Wanda Theme Park is the only tropical rainforest park in Asia. The park consists of two parts: the land park and the water park. The land park consists of four parts: the Jungle Adventure, the Fisherman's Wharf, the Tea Horse Road and the Butterfly Kingdom.

The overall park design takes full consideration of the characteristics of Xishuangbanna, perfectly combines the rainforest original ecological environment and the world's top high-tech amusement elements so as to provide visitors with the experience of walking around the tropical jungle and enjoying a world-class theme park.

Jungle Adventure: a number of world-class roller coasters, experience B-shaped maneuvers, 360-degree flipping excitement; Fisherman's Wharf: Wanda’s exclusive creation of a Fisherman's Wharf scene, 1600 seats world-class water stunt performance theater, comparable to the Water World of Universal Studios; Tea Horse Road: reproduces the original line of the ancient Yunnan-Tibet section of Tea Horse Road in the late sixth century AD; Butterfly Kingdom: it is suitable for family trip and the elder, fun facilities includes turning horses, bubble factories, water walk, etc. Wanda theme park provides a matrix entertainment experience contributed by the original jungle experience, top-level water entertainment and world-class show venues.


Recommendation: Great Wave Bay, Rainbow Racing, Wave Baby, Flower Fairyland

Address: Gadong District, Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan

Tel.: 400-950-6689

Ticket: Adult - 180 yuan for a single park, 280 yuan for double parks

Opening Hours: 10:30 am to 19:30 pm (Water Park July-August)


Lake &Spring Hot Spring Water Park

Mile Lake & Spring Hot Spring Park was built on the concept of “new, marvelous and family style”.

It introduces more than 30 kinds of top-level amusement equipments from Canada and the United States, and focuses on the game experiences of “breathtaking and exciting” and “family play” elements. It is a leading water-themed tourist project in the country and the most representative one in the southwest China, and also a water park full of exotic charm.

It is water-themed and suitable for people of all ages. It is a one-stop holiday park with health preservative features covering a parent-child recreation area, a sliding area and a spa area, suitable for family entertainment and family vacation. There is not only the great horn of the largest diameter, but also the king of racing - the Rainbow Bridge, the wave pool, the great water circle, the high-speed slide way, etc. In order to enhance the parent-child interaction, there is also a special children's recreation area, and all the equipment for adults to play has corresponding ones for children to play in the children's recreation area, which requires more participation, so that all ages can experience their own happiness.


Recommendation: Children's Dreamland, Breathtaking Slides

Address: Opposite to Block A, Xihe Town, Miyang Town, Mile County

Tel.: 0873-6388555

Ticket: 180 yuan/person

Opening Hours: 11:00 am - 18:00 pm


Qingyu Bay Water Park

Qingyu Bay Water Park has the largest artificial wave pool in Yunnan Province. The water area of more than 5,700 square meters can form a maximum of 3 meters of waves, which truly represents the [FS:Page]roaring waves of the sea.

The white spray will slap on your body with a faint salty smell of sea breeze, refreshing and leisurely. Experience the imaginative sea journey in the undulating waves. The “Great Flood Surfing” simulates the thrilling impact experience of natural flooding through reservoir-type flood discharge and unique corner design.

Besides, there are “Rainbow Slide”, the most popular “Great Horn Slide”, “Cobra Slide” and “Great Water Pool”. In addition to the peak water facilities, the water park also designed a family parent-child slide for children, so that children can fully enjoy the fun of playing with water, visitors cannot help staying and playing in it.


Recommendation: Cobra Slide, Great Loop Slide, Tsunami Pool

Address: 2 km from Xiaohaikou Toll Station, Haikou Town, Xishan District, Kunming City

Tel: 0871-68570398

Ticket: Adult 138 yuan/person    Child 40 yuan/person

Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 20:00 pm


Tianziyuan Anime Water World

Tianziyuan Anime Water World is a water playground that integrates entertainment, leisure, swimming, competition and splashing as a whole. There are large-scale water competition projects suitable for adults. It is breathtaking and creative. You can experience the breathtaking feel when the speed encounters the water. Here, adults can take an “adventure”, and children can enjoy the “water park”. There are also a variety of water slides, water seesaws, water trampolines, water balls and other water toys for children.

Address: Tianziyuan Hot Spring Hotel, Xiaojie Town, Eshan County, Yuxi City

Ticket: 58 yuan

Opening Hours: 9:00 am to 19:00 pm


Changyuan Hot Spring Ecological Resort Water Park

Changyuan Hot Spring Ecological Resort is located next to the National Highway 324, Changdi Township, Luoping County, Qujing City. It is a large-scale comprehensive hot spring eco-resort with an integration of spa health preservation, leisure vacation, sightseeing, dining and accommodation, and ethnic custom experience as a whole,  invested and built by Xingrun Hot Spring Tourism Development Co., Ltd. according to the national AAAA scenic spot standard. There are 7 large-scale water projects, including 9 wave types in the wave pools with the wave height hitting 1.5 meters. Furthermore, there are Great Horn, Sky-turning, Rotary Slide, Gliding Slide, Tri-color Slide, and Children's Recreation Area which allow you to experience all-round excitement.

Address: nearby the National Highway 324, Changdi Township, Luoping County, Qujing City, Yunnan Province

Tel.: 0874-8221888

Ticket: 68 yuan/person


Jinsha Water Park

The air recreational facility in the park – the Water Parachute allows visitors to experience the thrills and excitement as a flying trapeze; the Hot Air Balloon provides you an experience of a romantic air journey; the Dynamic Delta Wing takes you to the sky over the city by vibrating its tiny wings. The park has a wide range of water facilities, including powered ones like motor boats, water dragon, speedboat, yacht, etc. and non-powered ones like kayaking, bumper boat, hand-cranked boat, electric boat and various inflatable equipment, as well as water competition and so on.

Address: Middle Section of Longhu Road, Zhongcheng Town, Suijiang County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province

Ticket: 68 yuan/person

Opening hours: 10:30 am to 20:00 pm


Western Grand Canyon Four Seasons Water City

The Western Grand Canyon Four Seasons Water City is located in the Western Grand Canyon of Shuifu County, Yunnan Province, adjacent to Jinsha Shentang·Yunshang Hot Spring (formerly China Grand Canyon Hot Spring). It is the masterpiece of the brand upgrade and expansion of the China Grand Canyon in 2014. The total investment of the Water City exceeds 250 million, made the project covering an area of about 200 acres with a reception capability of more than 6,000 tourists at one time. The Water City contains a wave pool covering an area of about 6,100 m2, and includes dozens of entertainment facilities like Dragon Ring, Storm God, Super Whirlpool, Spiral Slide, Fairy Tale Kingdom, Jinjiang Rafting River, Hawaii Water City, Six-color Contest Slide, and SPA facilities. The Water City is the largest and most advanced water amusement park in the southwestern Sichuan and northeastern Yunnan.

Address: Western Grand Canyon, Xiangjiaba Town, Shuifu County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province

Ticket: 138 yuan/person

Opening Hours: 10:00-18:00


Happy Water World (Anning Jinfang Hot Spring)

Open-air pools of Jinfang forest hot spring are surrounded by mountains and green hills. They are scatter[FS:Page]ed among the forests, like emeralds that makes the whole forest more beautiful and dazzling, attracting you into the hot springs.

The Anning Jinfang Forest Hot Spring enjoys a very good environment. It is divided into three parts - the forest hot springs, the adult kingdom hot springs, and the water park which is very suitable for children. The water world pirate ship, the Chinese dragon, the snake slide and the adult kingdom hot spring pools bring up a new experience of exquisite and pleasant by its novelty, magic, and stimulation.


Recommendation: Pirate Ship

Address: Jinfang Forest Hot Spring, Longxi Road, Anning City

Tel.: 0871-68631588, 0871-68632788

Ticket: Adult 139-199 yuan/person, Child under 1.2 meters 49 yuan/person, Child of height between 1.2 ~ 1.4 meters  100 yuan/person

Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 23:00 pm


Oriental Ape-man Valley Hot Spring Water World

The Yuanmou Oriental Ape-man Valley Hot Spring Water World is located in the Oriental Ape-man Valley Scenic Area of Fenghuang Mountain, Yuanma Town, Yuanmou County. It is divided into two sections: the Ancient Springs and the Ancient Exploration Water World.

The whole design fully taps the ancient ape-man culture, and the Ancient Springs area fully maintains the original ecological landscape, forming the hot springs of one step with one scenery, consisting of 1 hot spring hotel, 42 hot spring pools, 6 hot spring nest pools, and 2 hot spring VIP courtyards. The Water Park area includes 1 swimming pool, 1 wave pool and entrance plaza, 400 meters drifting river, family water village, great horn, children's recreation area, elf tree house, and racing competition.

Address: Oriental Ape-man Valley Scenic Area, Fenghuang Mountain, Yuanmou, Yunnan

Tel.: 0878-8328222, 0878-8325222;

Ticket: Adult 128 yuan/person     Child 88 yuan/person

Opening Hours: 12:00 am to 20:00 pm