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Green Triangle of Pu’er

“Green Triangle” of Pu’er is a mysterious land that has been forgotten by times. There is memory of people and tea and the most honest and genuine emotion between people as if returned to the origin of nature and childhood. 

Coming in Ximeng Wa Autonomous County, where New Song of Awa People, with the architectural complexes of the Wa ethnic group of original style with thatch roof and black base and red streak, you seem to have entered a fairy world. 

There is no traffic signal, or advertising board, or busting crowd, but only sacred and clear dragon pond reflecting blue sky and white cloud which is as pure as a mirror, mysterious Longmoye holy land in the depths of the forest, magnificent Likan Waterfall and rattan rope bridge of the Wa Nationality. In the evening, taking Wa’s campfire party and drinking water wine, the Wa’s girls are dancing hair swinging dance in front of the bonfires; the Wa’s boys show their swarthy bosom and knock on the wooden drum, an artifact accessing the heaven. Now, the Wa Mountain has become a stove of carnival in which you might have fully melted. Dancing hand in hand with unknown people despite of age and sex, you might have forgotten your age, your identity, your worry and the way to your home…

Our next stop is Menglian, which is known as the “emerald on earth”. There is Nayun Ancient Town, the most well-preserved ancient twon of the Dai ethnic group, Golden Pagoda of thick charm, Chieftain’s Government Office and Menglian Port bounding to Myanmar here. After appreciating the Dai’s ancient music performance, listening to Dongjing music of royal court, tasting the Dai’s featured cuisine and experiencing the charm of the Dai people, let’s go to Jingmai Mountain, Lancang County, in which there are ten thousand mu of ancient tea over one thousand years. In the evening, maybe we will stay in quiet and peaceful Brilliant Hotel to taste tea, understand life and cultivate our moral characters, or live in a Blang’s home inn in which as if stars all over the sky might fall into the room so long as opening the window. 

Lancang is a place rich in romance in which “Brother and Sister Are Affectionate” is still sang. People in love hand in hand until old without leaving or forsaking, people love tea forever. Jingmai Mangjing Ancient Tea Garden is the best preserved manpower cultivation type ancient tea grove of large area. So far, Blang and Dai people here pick up tea leaves from these ancient tea trees to make Pu’er of superior quality. Nuogan Village, a longevity village, lies in the mountains where smoke is curling up from the chimney. Far from the madding crowd, no one have the heart to disturb it. By seeing it far away, you might calm down. Let’s walk into Wengji Blang Nationality Ancient Village to drink tea of hundred families, visit Nuogan Buddha Temple and feel leisure of time stopping. 

In Haliejia Countryside Music Town, Lahu people who “travel all over the world with a guitar and enjoy good reputation of happiness” live here. So long as they heard guests coming, they would put down their hoes and suspend their work in hand and come from field and sing a heart-touching song for you with a guitar. When you are leaving, they will sing “Being Loath to Part with You Indeed”. Every guest leaves here with tears in his eyes, but his heart stays in this beautiful village forever.