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Dehong - A Place Where Spring-like Weather Are All Year Round

There is no winter here, but it has blue sky, green land and hills, clear water and beautiful people! The mirror-like Ruili River flows through Dehong gently, with fertile cropland beside the two banks and surrounded by trees and bamboos in Dai villages. What a picturesque scenery! In here you will see fancy tropical rain forest landscape and the so called "one tree forming a forest". 

You will experience colorful ethnic customs and distinctive ethnic buildings. 

Dehong is surrounded by Myanmar at north, west and south, linked with Myanmar by mountains, rivers and villages. 

 Ethnic customs are layered with exotic atmosphere in Dehong. 

There are some exotic foods you might never seen or eaten before but you will definitely miss their flavor. 

It is the border between China and Myanmar - Dehong Dai Nationality Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan!

It is hard to tell the beauty of Dehong in words. But you could come and experience Dehong’s uniqueness. 


The majestic Daying River not only depicts the beautiful scenery, but also the cultural history of the people living here for ages. 

Its upstream branch - Binglang River is a rushing stream roaring down to hundreds of miles of land between the high mountains with rocks lying in, making the river even more majestic. At the middle and lower reaches, the river is rippling gently between green trees and bamboos along the land with rich soil and industrious people. One bamboo punt-pole and one bamboo raft flow down on the river, reflecting an ideal mood of "one bamboo raft flowing on the river, one man travelling in the picture". 

King of Banyan Tree in China 

This thousand-year- old banyan tree, growing to a wonder of "one tree forms a forest", covers nearly 10 mu. When you walk through the "forest" formed by 300 aerial roots and 168 new tree trunks, it feels like that you are having an adventure in a virgin forest. 

 Address: Yingjiang County, Yunnan Province

Shimiwadi means “beautiful yellow fascine dam” in Lisu language, it is also called as the "Shangri-La" in Yingjiang. The dam has a gentle terrain with cattle and horses on it and a small river running through it. With many hundred-year trees standing beside it, this place is showing us a picturesque high mountain grassland scenery. 

Address: Sudian Lisu Nationality Township, Yingjiang County

Mengbanaxi Exotic Garden

The 526-mu Mengbanaxi Exotic Garden gathers a huge number of famous trees rarely seen in China and silicified wood jade rarely seen in the world. You could feel the high level of rareness, wonders and curiosity! 

Walking in the Exotic Garden, you will be surrounded by rarely seen thousand-year sweet-scented osmanthus trees, Buxus sinica trees, crape myrtle trees and silicified wood jades, as if you are in a wonderful magic world! 

Address: Southeast Luxi City, Dehong Prefecture 

Jinggu's Tower & Tree Wonders 

Tree Encompassing Tower is built to commemorate a warfare. The tower is a solid brick tower, encompassed by tree roots, hence the name. 

Thick tree crown arms into the sky and the bronze tree trunk bends to tightly wrap the tower; the tree encompasses the tower, and the tower supports the tree forming a unique tree encompassing tower scenery, which is famous in western Yunnan and Southeast Asia. 

 Address: Mangshi No. 1 Primary School, Youyi Road, Luxi City

Maury Tropical Rainforest

Walking into Murray, thousands of species of tropical and subtropical plants blocking the sky, you can see the hundred-year-old huge vines as a "hammock", the cruel "killer tree" as the "tropical cold-blooded killer", the thousand-year-old ancient ferns and ten thousand year old ancient fossils as thick textbooks.

Pine standing and arming into sky, deep and cold forest blocking the sky. Light flower fragrance coming out, fall water coming down. 

Walking in the rain forest in the dark for a long time, you will hear ambiguous sound of dropping water. When you move on to the end of the canyon, the sound will be loudly like thunder. Views suddenly come in front your eyes, and you will see a huge waterfall pouring down from a 60 meters high cliff. "Fall water like cotton, scatter without bows." That is the Maury Falls! 

      Address: 20 km from northeast Ruili City


Wanding is a border port city with tropical, subtropical features and ethnic minority characteristics. 

Wanding Ecology Garden in the south Asian tropical banyan trees, Nongpian - a Dai village in plantain trees and Wanding Forest Park are famous ecology scenic[FS:Page] spots. 

Address: South of Dai Jingpo Autonomous Region, Dehong Prefecture 


Dehong prefecture is a place full of folk customs and folk culture. For hundreds and thousands of years, the frontier minority cultures of Dai, Jingpo, Lisu, DeAng are integrated here with the long history of Han culture, forming a colorful Dehong culture. 

The annual China-Myanmar Baobo Festival, the Jingpo "Munao Zongge" Festival, the Dai and DeAng "Water-sprinkling Festival", the A'Chang Aluwoluo Festival, Kuoshi Festival etc. will give you chances to experience the culture of different ethnic minorities.  

The "Dai drama" descending from thousands of years. 

The graceful “peacock dance” reflecting every move of peacock.

The "elephant-foot drum" dance coupling hardness with softness.

The grand and magnificent Jingpo "Munao Zongge" festival.

"Climbing mountain of sword and walking in the ‘sea of fire’" in Lisu's Kuoshi Festival.

Dehong is a place worth lingering for foodies since the ethnic minorities have created a rich food culture. Combined with local ingredients and cuisines from Myanmar, Dehong food is famous for its exotic flavor.