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The Tropical of Cancer Landmark Park in Mojiang

Name: Tropical of Cancer Landmark Park in Mojiang

Class: AAA

Add: Mojiang Hani Autonomous County

Scenic sites: Gate of the Tropical of Cancer, Road of the Sun, Kuafu Chasing the Sun, Stone Ring, Surpassing, Converging of the Moonlight and Sunlight (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) , Solarium Square, Landmark Tower (Hall), Planetarium,  Binary Star Square, Hani Ethnic Igniting Altar, etc.

The park lies at 22.51-23.59 north latitude, 101.07-102.04 east longitude, with the Tropical of Cancer runs through the county seat of Mojiang.  

The park is so far the biggest landmark of Tropical of Cancer with the richest contents in the world. Comprising 12 ingenious, exquisite and high quality scenic sites, the park is an important base for patriotic education and scientific popularisation in Yunnan Province. 

Using the intuitional astronomical and geological knowledge and beautiful Hani ethnic folk stories, the park tells about the exploration and knowledge of the nature, sunshine, and astrophysical sciences, highlighting the Tropical of Cancer, Hani Ethnic Culture and the Twins Culture. Therefore, the park is such a scenic attraction that integrate scientific popularisation, leisure, entertainment, and touring, etc.