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Pu'er Five Lake Wetland with Picturesque Scenery

In summer days, a lot of tourists will come to Xima Lake wetland to watch blossoming lotus in Simao District. Along the bank of nearby Meizi Lake with clear water amidst green mountain woods, on the wooden plank road, fast walking or jogging residents can enjoy the beautiful scenery whilst exercising. 


 Pu'er Five Lake National Wetland Park consists of five lakes, i.e. Xima Lake, Meizi Lake, Yeya Lake, Xinfang Lake and Nahe Lake. The Park, with a planning total area of 1,148 hectares, lays around the downtown area of Simao District as a ring-like circle. Among the five lakes, Yeya Lake is the only natural lake, with other four artificial lake wetland. Waterways connecting the five lakes run into the Simao River, and finally into the Lancang River. 

Located at the elevation between 1,200 m and 1,500 m, Pu'er Five Lake Wetland, with plenty of valleys and high forest vegetation coverage rate, forms a unique "forest-wetland" compound ecosystem, being a typical representative of forest self-control wetland in the mountainous region in southwest China. Based on general investigation and monitoring from 2011 to 2016, Pu'er Five Lake National Wetland Park has recorded 1,039 species of plants. There are totally 30 species of mammal animals in and around the park, 206 species of birds, 15 species of amphibian animals, and 21 species of reptile animals. Many of them are plants and animals under national key protection. 


(photo credit:http://www.puerwuhu.com)