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Following the Old Time to Seek for the Stories of Nie Er and Yuxi

Yuxi is the hometown of the world-famous people’s musician Nie Er. Nie Er lived in Yuxi for a period of time in his childhood, and left many happy memories. In the downtown area, there are “Nie Er Road” named after Nie Er, new built Nie Er Park, renovated former residence of Nie Er, and new buildings such as Nie Er Cultural Square. Today, the editor will take you, following the old time to visit the former residence of Nie Er in Yuxi and the buildings the later generations built in honor of him, and explore the stories of Nie Er and Yuxi together.


The Former Residence of Nie Er

The former residence of Nie Er is located at the corner of Beimen Street in the central city of Hongta District, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, which was built by Nie Liandeng, Nie Er's great-grandfather, in the late Qing Dynasty and passed on to Nie Hongyi, Nie Er's father. In the 28th year of Guangxu period (1902 AD), Nie Hongyi went to Kunming to practice medicine and left it to Nie Er’s sister-in-law Wang Jingzhen to live in.

The former residence of Nie Er is a two-storey wooden structure building. The lower floor facing the street was half a brick wall with a guard board outside, and the upper part was a movable wooden plank window openable as the storefront.

There are still half of the relief patterns visible on the eaves of the lower part of the building facing the street. 


In September 1984, the former residence of Nie Er was announced by the Yuxi Municipal People's government as a key cultural relic conservation unit at the municipal level. In March 1992, the Yuxi Municipal People's Government renovated it, built a statue of Nie Er, set up a governing body, and opened it to the public officially.


Address: The corner of Beimen Street in the central city of Hongta District, Yuxi City

Opening Hours: 8:00-18:00

Admission: free


Nie Er Park

Nie Er Park is located at the south end of Nanmen Street in Yuxi City, covering an area of 130 thousand square meters. Built in June 1985 and completed in July 1987, it is a comprehensive park built mainly in honor of the people's musician Nie Er and is compatible with functions of cultural activity, recreation and entertainment.

The most famous sights in Nie Er Park is the "four ears" sculpture at the entrance of the park and the bronze statue of Nie Er. The bronze statue of Nie Er is located in the commemoration area in the northeast of the park. The commemoration area consists of scenic spots such as the North Gate, Flower Beds, Instrument Stand, Fountain, Flower Racks, the Bronze Statue of Nie Er and Nie Er Memorial Hall.

The bronze statue of Nie Er is the main body of the commemoration area and stands in the commemoration area of Nie Er Park. The bronze statue of Nie Er is facing the north, which is made of tin bronze material with a height of 2.4 meters and a weight of 1.8 tons. The base of the bronze statue is built on a platform about 2.3 meters higher than the surrounding. The bronze statue leans forward with a dignified expression, fluttering windbreaker, raised arms and in a posture of beating time. He stands on the base of dark jade, as if he is conducting the chant "March of the Volunteers".

The front part and the two sides are flower beds with blocks of geometric patterns mainly planted with roses and oriental cherries, forming a rose & cherry garden; an arched flower rack, with an arc length of fifty meters, sets off the back of the bronze statue, and wisteria and bougainvillea are planted behind the flower rack. There are four arched sculptures in front of the bronze statue of Nie Er, which form the activity-in-inertia scenery together with the pool, the instrument stand and the fountain.


Nie Er Memorial Hall is built to the east of the bronze statue of Nie Er with a construction area of 1134 square meters. There are showrooms, reception rooms, sound image halls and exhibition halls, as well as a white marble bust of Nie Er and memorial sculptures, etc. The showrooms and reception rooms have aluminum alloy ceilings, walls covered with linen texture wallpaper and marble paved floors. The Memorial Hall exhibits Nie Er's creation manuscripts, material objects, photographs and text descriptions, and introduces the life stories of Nie Er.

Address: The south end of Nanmen Street, Yuxi City

Opening hours: 8:00-18:00

Admission: free


Nie Er Cultural Square

Nie Er Cultural Square is located in the downtown area of Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, which is composed of one lake, two lines, one bridge and four areas and was established in memory of Nie Er, the great people’s musician and the composer of the National Anthem. On the hilltop of the square stands a bronze statue of Nie Er playing the violin, under which stan[FS:Page]d six big characters, namely Nie Er Music Square, inscribed by Li Lanqing, the former Vice Premier of the State Council. Looking down from the high altitude, the subject design of the square is like a huge violin inlaid on the ground. The scene is really magnificent and beautiful. Nowadays, it is a good place for tourists and residents to enjoy sightseeing and leisure time, and do exercises. It is green in all seasons and the scenery is beautiful.

The bronze statue of Nie Er has been created since the end of 2007. The bronze statue is 6 meters high and weighs 3 tons, made of bronze from Central Yunnan. The summit of Nie Er Hill is 12 meters above the water level of the Jade Lake, plus the base height of 5 meters, the bronze statue of Nie Er is 23 meters higher than the water level of the Jade Lake, implying Nie'er's 23-year life journey.

The total land area of the main part of Nie Er Cultural Square is 43.6 hectares, including 9 projects: Jade Lake Project, Jade Lake Shore Scenery Project, Lake Rim Sightseeing Road and Terrain Construction, Music Square, Sprinkler Irrigation System, Waterscape, Lighting, Plant Landscape, Guest-Greeting Bridge. The spatial layout is "one lake, two lines, one bridge and four areas".

One lake: The Jade Lake. The land area of the lake body is 210.8 mu, which is the main carrier of the ecological and cultural landscape of Nie Er Cultural Square. All functional zones are arranged in combination with the water body of the Jade Lake and its surrounding areas. Two lines: the traffic outer-ring road built around the Jade Lake Park and the inner-ring line sightseeing road along the lake for the public to relax and walk. One bridge: Named Guest-Greeting Bridge. It spans over the Jade Lake and adopts a plate arch scheme and a single-hole design. The net span is 24 meters, and the total length and width of the bridge are respectively 30 meters and 9.9 meters. Four areas: The cultural and recreational area, commercial and Nie Er Music Square area, sports functional area and ecological leisure area. In the cultural and recreational area, the Nie Er Library, Nie Er Memorial Hall, Museum and other cultural facilities are arranged with the integrated facility group coordinated and assorted with the construction of the Jade Lake. Commercial and Nie Er Music Square area: the music square area is the core of the entire Nie Er Cultural Square, which can accommodate more than 20,000 people, and the music stage area can accommodate 12,000 people. The sports functional area is composed of swimming pools and children's recreational facilities. Aquatic flowers and plants are planted in the lakeshore area. Ecological leisure area: As the summit of Nie Er Cultural Square, the statue of Nie Er is set on the main axis of the hilltop landscape, which is an important symbol of the city.


Address: Qiyang Road, Hongta District, Yuxi City, Yunnan Province

Opening hours: all day

Admission: free


Nie Er Grand Theatre

Nie Er Grand Theater is located in Yuxi City, Yunnan Province, which is next to Yuxi Nie Er Cultural Square. It was completed in November 2008, and officially came into use in June 2009 in the first China Nie Er Music (Choral) week. The Grand Theatre contains auditorium, stage, supporting and auxiliary rooms with a total construction area of 19680.6 square meters. The auditorium has 3 floors, including 1216 seats, and the proscenium is 21 meters long, 20 meters deep and 9 meters high.

In terms of the interior decorative style of the seat area, the designer uses wooden triangular metope, red fabric seats, high-grade plastic floors and walkways, and aluminum honeycomb boards as the ceiling material to provide a warm, luxurious and spectacular artistic enjoyment space in the theatre; there are 52 booms on the stage; a set of detachable sound reflecting hood specially equipped for performing large-scale concerts, combined with professional indoor acoustic design, provided with reverberation effect of 1.2 seconds without sound reinforcement, makes the theater a concert hall with smooth and harmonious sound rays. Tan Lihua, a famous musician and conductor, has twice given the evaluation of "achieving professional performance effect" at a symphony scene.

Beijing Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Ballet, Russian Model Red Army Song and Dance Troupe, American Ultrasonic No-accompaniment Quartet, famous pianist Yin Chengzong, violin player Lv Siqing, erhu player Wang Guotong, young pianist Tan Xiaotang, famous dancer Yang Liping, Yunnan Images and other domestic and foreign famous art groups and artists have successively performed on the stage, and the performances have been successful. They have given high recognition and wide praise to the first-class facilities and equipment of Nie Er Grand Theatre.

Address: Extension line of Qi Yang Road, Hongta District, Yuxi City


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