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Approaching Yuanyang Terraces - Warm Landscape Artwork in Winter

By lifetime efforts of generations of Hani people and continuous and endless establishments for more than 1300 years, 170,000 Mu of terraced fields are developed, with top level of terrace over 3,000 steps and terrace slope ranging between 15 and 75 degrees, that is the Yuanyang Terraces carved by the earth.

Yuanyang Terraces, located in the southern part of Ailao Mountain, are masterpieces left by the Hani people for generations, the terraced fields are layered based on special terrain and are extremely spectacular. Yuanyang Terraces are mainly composed of Bada Resort, Laohuzui Resort, Duoyishu Resort and Qingkou Resort. The purposes of visiting Yuanyang Terraces are to view magnificent sunrise and sunset on the terraced fields and unique customs of the Hani village.

Normally the locals recommend to appreciate the sunrise in Duoyishu Resort, sunset in Laohuzui Resort, cloudy fairyland in Qingkou and sunset and cluster of clouds in Bada Resort.

There are four unique characters of Yuanyang Terraces

First uniqueness: The terraced fields in large areas and different shapes continuously connected into clusters, and the area of each cluster is up to thousand Mu;

Second uniqueness: The terraced fields are featured with steep terrain, and the terraced fields are visible from the gentle slope of 15 degrees to the cliff of 75 degrees;

Third uniqueness: There are many levels of steps, and over 3,000 steps may be developed on one slope to maximum extent;

Fourth uniqueness: The terraced fields have high altitude, and the terraced fields extend from the valley to the mountains with the altitude over 2,000 meters, hitting maximum limit of rice growth.

It is the best season to visit Yuanyang terraced fields in January and February. However, average temperature in Yuanyang may reach 12 degrees even in winter. In winter, the sunrise and sunset in Yuanyang Terraces are magnificent and splendid, and the wonderland formed from clusters of clouds further become fascinating.

The 170,000-Mu terraced landscape of Hani people in Yuanyang County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province will start its utmost enchanting model in every Spring and Winter. Everything, including the terraced fields filled with water, changeable cluster of clouds and extremely comfortable and warm sun, are dizzying. The cluster of clouds is usually seen before and after the Spring Festival. The wild cherry blossoms, wild kapok blossoms, wild peach blossoms and birchleaf pear blossoms bloom in red and white over the mountains before and after the Lantern Festival, contributing a spectacular scenery.


How to Get There

1. Public transport: Kunming-Yuanyang shuttle bus from Kunming South Bus Terminal, 139 Yuan/person, 5-6 hours of driving. The minibus with the fare at 5-10 Yuan is available from Xinjie Town to gates of attractions.  

2. Chartered bus: The one-day terrace tour via chartered bus starting from former county seat will cost around 300 Yuan, and it will cost about 100 Yuan to visit Laohuzui; approximately 150-200 Yuan/half day to visit Duoyishu for watching the sunrise, with the distance of about 40 kilometers and one hour of driving.

3. Self-driving: About one hour of driving from Yuanyang County - S214 - Yuanyang Terraces with the distance of about 40 kilometers.


Ticket Price

1. One Day Pass: Full-price ticket of 100 Yuan/person, half-price ticket of 50 Yuan/person (including Qingkou Customs Village, Laohuzui Resort, Bada Resort)

2. Multi-Day Pass: Full-price ticket of 180 Yuan/person, half-price ticket of 90 Yuan/person (access to Qingkou Customs Village, Laohugou Resort, Bada Resort and Duoyishu Resort with the ticket within 10 days)

3. Annual Pass: Full-price ticket of 360 Yuan/person, half-price ticket of 180 Yuan/person (access to Qingkou Customs Village, Laohugou Resort, Bada Resort and Duoyishu Resort with the ticket within 1 year)



Recommended Resorts

Qingkou Hani Customs Village

Qingkou Hani Customs Village, located in Yuanyang Terraces National Wetland Park and the core area which is applied for the list of World Cultural Heritage, is 8 kilometers away from former county seat (Xinjie Town). It is reserved with complete ecological system jointly composed of the "forest, water system, cottage and terrace". The Hani nationality is featured with distinct folk customs, distinctive national culture and unique production and lifestyle. The terraced fields' cluster of clouds and ancient “mushroom houses” are integrated, contributing to a model for rational use of natural resources for agricultural development.



Laohuzui Terraces Resort

Laohuzui Terraces Resort, located in Yuanyang Terraces National Wetland Park and the core area which is applied for the list of World Cultural Heritage, is 20 kilometers away from former county seat (Xinjie Town). There are more than 850 hectares of magnificent terraced fields. With various shapes and grand and magnificent prospects, the terraced fields will present two patterns including galloping horses and disguised dragon and crouching tigers in sunny days. It is also like a thousand-year-old turtle resting at the bottom of the valley and seems to tell people the ups and downs in the history of the Hani ancestors' exploration of terraced fields. These are the most steep and magnificent terraced fields in Yuanyang Mountain, deserving the top model of “earth sculpture”.


Duoyishu Terraces Resort

Duoyishu Terraces Resort, located in Yuanyang Terraces National Wetland Park and the core area which is applied for the list of World Cultural Heritage, is 23 kilometers away from former county seat (Xinjie Town) and situated with the altitude of 1900 meters. 650 hectares of terraced fields are distributed in Duoyishu and Aichun, Dawazhe and other bay-shaped hillsides from 25° to 50°, being the best resort for viewing and photographing the clusters of clouds, terraced fields, sunrise and sunset. "Yunnan Story", the well-known famous scenery film, is shot and presented with these terraced fields and village as main scenes.


Bada Terraces

Bada Terraces Resort, located in Yuanyang Terraces National Wetland Park and the core area which is applied for the list of World Cultural Heritage, is 14 kilometers away from former county seat (Xinjie Town), boasting more than 950 hectares of magnificent terraced fields. Bada Terraces Resort is featured with spectacular and beautifully lined display as well as strong three-dimensional sense. Bada Terraces Resort starts from Malizhai River at an altitude of 800 meters, there are thousands of terraced fields stretching continuously, extending to the top of the mountain at an altitude of 2,000 meters, and aloft holding up Hani-featured villages including Malizhai, Bada, Shangmadian and Quanfuzhuang into the clusters of clouds. More than 3,700-step terraced fields directly stretches to the sky like ladders. The terraced fields with gleaming golden and silvery luster at sunset is the best resort for viewing and photographing the cloud plains, terraced fields, sunsets and cottages.


Xinjie Resort

Xinjie Resort, located at 30 kilometers in south of the county seat and 303 kilometers away from Kunming, is a place mainly for appreciating natural scenery and cultural landscape. It is a place where Hani, Yi, Han, and Dai people live, and where the diverse cultures are reflected. It is the hub for watching clouds and terraced fields and studying the folk customs of ethnic groups.


Malizhai Resort

Malizhai Resort, located at 43 kilometers to the south of the county seat and 15 kilometers to the east of Xinjie, is a site to appreciate the Hani terraced fields, cloud plains, Hani architecture, etc, and it is also the central site to understand, survey and experience the culture of the Hani people.


Duoyishu Resort

Duoyishu Resort, located at 55 kilometers to the east of the county seat and 25 kilometers to the east of Xinjie, is entangled with cloud plains in two hundred days around the year, and the cloud plain linger in the bay without dispersing, they rise or befall, arrive or depart, suddenly disappear after a while, and then become foggy by filling the sky, or they leap down, flooding layers of terraced fields and villages, sometimes they leap up, revealing layers of terraced fields and villages, and so forth with different presentations for each motion, making it a resort for viewing and shooting cloud plains, terraced fields and cottages.


Mengpin Terraces Resort

Mengpin Terraces Resort is located 50 kilometers south of the county seat and 20 kilometers to the south of Xinjie. Mengpin Terraces Resort is like a giant blooming white flower overlooked from the Laohuzui standing high, over 3,000 acres of terraced fields present different shapes, looking like the stamens formed from still and countless lying snakes, the terraced fields se[FS:Page]em to falling green waves, rippling spoondrift, squirming snakes, looking like the lakes and sea; nearly a hundred field sheds are dotted, appearing as sailing boats and being ceaselessly charming. Mengpin Terraces Resort is famed as the most magnificent rural scenery in the world by photographers; it was listed by a French newspaper as one of the seven newly discovered human landscapes in 1993.


Red River Valley Resort

The view in your eyes will suddenly broaden when you travel across the Red River Valley to the Nansha Bridge, straight areca trees, a modern city surrounded by flaming branch climbing flowers, dark green lychee forest, tall mango tree, graceful tamarind forest and other tropical trees as well as pieces of greenery rubber plantations, it is Nansha, the center of politics, economy and culture in Yuanyang and a beautiful tropical city. Nansha only has spring and summer all around the year. Nansha is not only an ideal tropical tourist city but also a desired tourism city in winter.


Habo Resort

Habo Village is located at a hill held by Chujiao River and Hageng River, and which is converged by Longpuheduo Mountain and Laihaigaima Mountain, and the landform is rather unique. The Habo buildings are built by leaning against the mountain and along the terrain. The architectural styles of branches of Hani Ethnic Minority are gathered here. There is the four-bedroom & one-courtyard style building from Luobi Branch. The Luomian Branch has the wooden balcony, Dunhong Branch has rectangular bungalow style. The modern buildings in the village also show obvious mushroom house prototypes. Habo Terraces envelops into the round shape. While standing on the east side of the village and overlooking, hundreds of terraced fields in meniscus type climb from the valley level on the dozens of semi-circular ridges with the slope of 45 degrees in the east, the terraced fields on dozens of ridges are in red under initial shining of red sun, showing distinctive black with red and becoming spectacular. Haqian-based Terraced Fields Resort is the steepest site with maximum stereoscopic impression in Yuanyang Terraces and is the best destination to view the sunrise on the terraced fields resort.


Recommended Foods

These are the foods not to be missed in Yuanyang: to drink a simmered pot of wine, taste the carp growing in the terraced fields, and eat wild vegetables, wild flowers, insects, and oysters growing in the mountains.

Field Snails

The clear water flows in Yuanyang Terraces, and the soil in the fields is soft and deep, being the homeland for the field snails to grow up. The field snails grown under such conditions are sweet and delicious with high calcium content and good medicinal value.



Fried Bamboo Worms

Bamboo worms, also known as bamboo bees and bamboo maggots, are parasitic in the bamboo tubes, and they mainly eat tender bamboo, the bamboo worms eat down from the bamboo tip section by section, finally hide themselves in the root tube, and stop eating till November due to fat bodies, which is the right time to catch the bamboo worms, or they will disintegrate into pupas. Bamboo worms are not only favored by Hani people but also liked by the Zhuang and Buyi people, who are good at catching the bamboo worms. In the valley with dense bamboo trees where the Buyi people live , the bamboo stem may be taken when the bamboo tip is seen to become yellow. Through frying, the  bamboo worms turn to golden and oily , being crispy, aromatic and of high protein content.


Pickled & Dried Beef Strip

For the production of the pickled & dried beef strip, here are the steps: taking pieces of fine meats from fat and well-balanced beef cattle after slaughtering, cutting into stripped beef loafs, applying the salt, hot pepper, pepper, star anise, black cardamom powder and liquor on the meat and pickling for one to two days, then putting on bamboo strips or thin bamboo arrows, and hanging above the stove or fire pit to keep it smoked and dried with the fire. When it is time to eat the pickled & dried beef strip, steam it with hibiscus or closely it wrap with the banana leaves to make it ripe in the firewood ash, serve it with the ginger, garlic and green pepper in wooden mortar and pestle into[FS:Page] fine minced meat for eating, it is full of extreme fragrance and appetite to have it, and it also may be cut into thin slices for serving.


Terraced-Field Red Rice for Long Street Banquet

The terraced-field red rice for Long Street Banquet is grown in the well-known Yuanyang Hani Terraces with insignificant cultivation area and output, and it is an excellent variety with 1300-year history planted by the Hani people in Yuanyang. Yuanyang Hani Terraces are featured with over 1,800 meters of altitude on the Tropic of Cancer, intense neutrons illumination from the space , and the spring waters steeping the fields. The terraced-field red rice for Long Street Banquet is rich in minerals and anti-cancer red pigments. Long-term consumption of terraced-field red rice will bring health and longevity.


Roasted Meat in Bamboo Tube 

The roasted meat in bamboo tube is a famous dish for Hani people to serve guests. The bamboo tube used for roasting the meat is a local bamboo with unique fragrance, and the green bamboo selected has grown for approximate one year, with one end left with the knot and the other end opened. Fill the opened end with meat loafs or slices, and then cover the opened end with lemongrass or banana leaves, and finally put it on the charcoal fire for roasting and baking. The dish emits pretty nice odor and leaves the favor amid the lips and teeth, giving you endless aftertastes.



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