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Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Garden’s Annual Summer Solstice Event

Mojiang Tropic of Cancer Garden will hold annual summer Solstice event on June 21st. Hani people believe that it is the day that the God of Sun is most close to the Earth, also the day that they are so close to their God. Hani people celebrate this day by taking the fire from the fire station to show their respect to the God of Sun and to pray for tourists for a better year ahead. On the day, the ritual of “taking the Sun Fire” and Torch Relay and the Night Run will be held in Mojiang.

Other activities including:

  1. Traditional Tofu Making: from how to pick the fine yellow bean to how to use the traditional millstone, this activity will bring you back in time and to experience the fun of making Tofu.
  2. Pu’er Tea Cake Making: you will have the opportunity to use the old stone to press the Pu’er Tea and to learn how to steam, rub and press them into tea cakes.