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Every Single Place in Yunnan Has a Laudatory Title

As everyone knows, Yunnan is known for plenty of titles like "the South of the Colorful Cloud", "the Home of Sky-high Mountains", "the Kingdom of Animals", "the Kingdom of Plants", "the Kingdom of Non-ferrous Metal", and "the Hometown of Medicinal Materials" etc. And to be detailed to every single city, county, and district, each has a laudatory title. 


Kunming City: "Spring City", "Capital of Flower", etc.

Wuhua District: "District of Culture"

Panlong District: "District of Business"

Xishan District: "Half Landscapes and Half streets"

Guandu District: "First County of Yunnan"

Chenggong District: "First County of Flower in China"

Dongchuan District: "Home of Pyrite Concretion" and "Copper Capital in South" 

Jinning District: one of the "Four Phosphorus Capitals of the World", ranking the top amongst the "Top Three Phosphorus Mines" in China.

Anning City: "Jinfang in Lianran, the Treasure Land of Tanglang River"

Fumin County: "Key Port to North Yunnan"

Songming County: "Barn in Middle Yunnan", "Hometown of Festive Lanterns", "hometown of dragon and lion dance"

Luquan County: "Hometown of Yi and Miao Dance"

Xundian County: "Strategy Place for Northeast Yunnan" 


Qujing City: "Key Port to Yunnan and Guizhou", "Fortress of Yunnan"

Luoping County: "Hometown of Rape Flowers"

Shizong County: "Hometown of Wrestling"

Luliang County: "Pearl in East Yunnan"

Fuyuan County: "Hometown of Konjac"

Huize County: "Hometown of Currency King", "Dazzling Jewel on Top of Wumeng Mountain"

Zhanyi County: "Key Port to Yunnan", "First Prefecture to Yunnan" 


Zhaotong City: "the Second Spring City", "Little Kunming", "Key Port to South Yunnan and Fortress to West Sichuan"

Zhaoyang District: "Golden Triangle of Resources", "Hometown of Black-Necked Crane in China"

Ludian County: "Monsoon Plateau Three-dimensional Climate"

Daguan County: "Hometown of China Waterfalls"

Yanjin County: "Key Port Yunnan and Sichuan", "Pearl on Yunnan-Sichuan Passageway"

Shuifu County: "First Port of Yangtze River, North Gate of Yunnan", "Romantic Shuifu, the Capital of Hot Springs"

Qiaojia County: "Water Town", people call it "Jewel on the Bank of Jinsha River, a Subtropics Lakeside Town beside Smooth Lake and Narrow Gorge".

Zhenxiong County: "Great Ancient Town", jointly entitled as "Golden Tengyue, Silver Zhenxiong" with Tengchong in west Yunnan

Yongshan County: "Hometown of Heroes"

Suijiang County: "New Town of Bamboo Sea" 


Yuxi City: "Barn in Middle Yunnan", "Hometown of Yunnan Cigarette"

Hongta District: "Shield for Capital of Yunnan"

Eshan County: "a Strategically Important South Shield for Capital of Yunnan"

Tonghai County: "a Blessed Destination for Dragons Coming from Thousand Miles away, a Place in front of Which Three Rivers Converge."

Yimen County: "Yimen - Hometown of Fungus"

Huaning County: "Hometown of Springs in China"

Jiangchuan County: "Jasper in Middle Yunnan" and "Water Land on Plateau"

Xinping County: "Hometown for Huayao Dai Culture" in China

Yuanjiang County: "Sun City", "Natural Greenhouse"


Honghe Prefecture: "Commercial Port in South Yunnan", "a Famous Town of Culture", and "a Bank of Biological Gene in South Yunnan"

Honghe County: "the Homeland for Overseas Chinese"

Gejiu: "Capital of Tin"

Mengzi City: "Birthplace of Chinese Cross Bridge Rice Noodle", "Hometown of Chinese Pomegranate"

Kaiyuan: "Natural Greenhouse"

Jianshui County: "a Famous Town of Culture", and "a Cultural Place in South Yunnan"

Shiping County: "a Famous Town of Culture", "Homeland of Orange", "Homeland of Bayberry", "Land of Plenty", "Homeland Tofu", and "Land of Song and Dance"

Lvchun County: "Homeland of Mountains in Hani"

Hekou County: "Jewel in South Yunnan"

Jinping County: "Terrace Fields as High as Mountain"

Pingbian County: "a Gene Pool of Animals and Plants", "Natural Beauty Parlor" and the Southernmost Spring Town in China

Mile City: "Homeland of Flue-cured Tobacco, Barn [FS:Page]in South Yunnan, Homeland of Sucrose, and Homeland of Plateau Grape" 


Wenshan Prefecture: "Southeast Gate of Yunnan", "Corridor for Yunnan and Guizhou", and "the Kingdom of Kingdoms of Non-ferrous Metal"

Wenshan City: "Homeland of Chinese Pseudo-ginseng", "the Place Where Pseudo-ginseng Flowers Bloom"

Yanshan County: "Corridor for Yunnan and Guizhou", and "Homeland of Chinese Pseudo-ginseng"

Qiubei: "Homeland of Chinese Chili"

Guangnan County: "Homeland of Zhuang People", "Homeland of Chinese Dendrobe", and the "Homeland of Chinese Martial Arts"

Funing County: "South Gate of Yunnan", and "Homeland of Chinese Star Anise"

Malipo County: "Treasure Place at South Front", "a Strategic Place at Frontier", and "Capital of Chinese Emerald"

Maguan County: "County of Ten Thousand Horses", and "Homeland of Chinese Folk Art"

Xichou County: "Hometown of Manglietiastrum Snicum", "a Place to Retrieve Sun" 


Xishuangbanna Prefecture: "Emerald on the Crown of Plants", "the Kingdom of Plants", "Hometown of Peacock", and "the Kingdom of Animals"

Jinghong City: "the Kingdom of Plants and Animals", "Treasure House of Plants", "Forest Ecology Museum"

Menghai County: "First County of Chinese Pu'er Tea"

Mengla County: "a Bright Emerald Set on the Tropic of Cancer", "a Genuine Spring Town with Best Livable Conditions" 


Pu'er City: "Pearl in Green Sea", "Natural Oxygen Bar", "Ecology Pu'er", "the Heaven for World, the World of Heaven", "Origin of the World of Tea", and "Capital of Chinese Coffee".

Simao District: “Land Route Port for Southeast Asia", and "Silver Simao".

Ning'er County: "Homeland of Pu'er Tea"

Lancang County: "Homeland of Mountains for Lahu, a Treasure Land at Frontier"

Ximeng County: "Natural Oxygen Bar", "Living Fossil" of development of humanity society, and "First Town of Chinese Ecology"

Menglian County: "Emerald at Frontier", "Homeland of Dragon Dracaena"

Jingdong County: "Natural Green Treasure House", "Natural Species Gene Pool", "Barn and Flesh Storehouse" for Pu'er, and "Homeland of Thrushes"

Jinggu County: "a Scenery Place with Plenty of Buddha Trails", "Pearl of Immense Forest, Origin of Tea, Homeland of Elephant-foot Drum Dance, and Hometown of Mango"

Zhenyuan County: "Homeland of the Thousand Year Old World King of Tea Tree"

Jiangcheng County: "One Sight to See Three Countries"

Mojiang County: "Homeland of Hani People, Town of Tropic of Cancer", "a Place Where the Sun Turns", "Homeland of Chinese Purple Rice" 


Lincang City: "Southern Silk Road", "Southwest Silk and Tea Ancient Road", "Asian Constant Temperature City", "World Homeland for Wa People", homeland for "Yunnan Black Tea", "Homeland of Walnut"

Linxiang District: "Capital of Constant Spring, First Place for Pleasant Coolness"

Yunxian County: "Pearl of Lancang River"

Fengqing County: "Homeland of Yunnan Black Tea"

Cangyuan County: Awa Mountain area, "Homeland of Cliff Painting", "the Kingdom of Plants and Animals", "Homeland of Wa Songs and Dances", "Homeland of Wa People in the World"

Shuangjiang County: origin place of Chinese Mengku tea, "Pearl on the Tropic of Cancer"

Yongde County: "Hometown of Mango"

Zhenkang County: "First County at Frontier of Ten Thousand Miles" 


Baoshan City: "City of Orchid", "a Famous Town of Culture in West Yunnan"

Longyang District: "Barn in West Yunnan"

Tengchong City: "First City at Utmost Frontier", "First City of Jadeite in China"

Changning County: "Homeland of Tea over Ten Thousand Years, Garden City"

Shidian County: homeland for "Golden Bulang People"

Longling County: "Land Port for West Yunnan" 


Dehong Prefecture: "Hometown of Peacock", "Homeland of Cucurbit Flute", "Homeland of Munao Zongge"

Mangshi City: "Hometown of Peacock", "City of Dawn", the hometown of "Zhefang Rice" for imperial palace during past dynasties

Ruili City: "Natural Forest Park" and "the Kingdom of Pl[FS:Page]ants and Animals"

Longchuan County: "Homeland of Chinese Munao Zongge"

Lianghe County: "Homeland of Cucurbit Flute"

Yingjiang County: "Homeland of Chinese Nut" 


Nujiang Prefecture: "Biological Species Gene Pool", "Grand Canyon of the East"

Lushui City: "Hometown of Baishi Airs"

Fugong County: "Hometown of Moon of Stone, a Blessed Place Where Deities Live with Human", "Sea of Songs and World of Dance"

Lanping County: "Gate to Three Rivers"

Gongshan County: "Pearl of Three Rivers", "Species Gene Pool" 


Diqing Prefecture: "Shangri-La", "Sea of Flowers and World of Songs and Dances", "People Start to Sing as soon as They Can Speak, and Start to Dance as soon as They Can Walk", "the Kingdom of Plants and Animals", and "Natural Alpine Garden"

Shangri-La City: "the Place Closest to the Heaven"

Deqin County: "Homeland of Xianzi", "Homeland of Songs and Dances", "Little Shangri-La"

Weixi County: "Homeland of Orchid", "Homeland of Herbs", "Natural Rhododendron Garden", and "Paradise for Rhinopithecus Bieti" 


Lijiang City: "Oriental Venice", "Holy Land for Love", "Capital for Love Affairs"

Gucheng District: "Water Land on Plateau", "Suzhou on Plateau", "Oriental Venice"

Yulong County: "Jade Mountain and Golden River", "Homeland of Herbs"

Yongsheng County: "Barn in Northwest Yunnan", "Land of Plenty"

Huaping County: "Colorful Homeland of Mango"

Ninglang County: "Little Liangshan Mountain", "Homeland of Yunnan Herbs", Lugu Lake is known as "the Only Matriarchal Kingdom in the World", and "the Oriental Women's Land" 


Dali Prefecture: "a Famous Town of Culture", "Oriental Geneva", "Treasure House of Plants", and "Animal Paradise"

Dali City: "City of Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon", "a Famous City on Plateau", and "Oriental Switzerland"

Weishan County: "Onetime Capital of Nanzhao Kingdom", "Holy Land for Chinese Yi People's Ancestor Worship", "Homeland of Stomping Dance of Chinese Yi People", and it was given an imperial title as "a Famous Town of Culture".

Nanjian County: "Homeland of Dishes-serving Dance", "Homeland of Stomping Dance"

Midu County: "a Famous Town of Culture", "Hometown of Festive Lanterns", “Homeland of Folk Songs"

Xiangyun County: "Origin of Yunnan, Homeland of Colorful Cloud"

Yangbi County: "Homeland of Chinese Walnut"

Yunlong County: "Yunlong in West Yunnan", "Museum of Bridge"

Yongping County: "Homeland of Michelia Champaca"

Binchuan County: "Grape City on Plateau, Turfan in Southern China", "Treasure Place in Hot Area", "Homeland of Orange"

Eryuan County: "Homeland of Hot Spring", "Homeland of Chinese Plum"

Heqing County: "Homeland of Fountain Pools", "Homeland of Artcrafts", "Homeland of Chinese Famous Orchid", "a Famous Town of Culture"


Chuxiong Prefecture: "Grand View Garden of Chinese Yi Nationality Culture", "Oriental Human Birthplace", "World Dinosaur Hometown"

Chuxiong City: "Gateway to Provincial Capital, Fortress in West Yunnan"

Yongren County: "Rosy Clouds Sunlight Town"

Nanhua County: "Thoroughfare to Nine Cities", "Homeland of Chinese Walnut", "Kingdom of Wild Fungus", "Town of Ecological Food"

Dayao County: birthplace of "Golden Horse and Jade Rooster Arch", birthplace of Chinese Yi opera, homeland of Miyilu, "Homeland of Walnut", "Copper Capital in Middle Yunnan", "Holy Land for Worshiping Confucius"

Yaoan County: "Town of Lotus", "Land of Plenty" in Yunnan

Mouding County: "Homeland of Left Foot Dance", "Homeland of Artisans"

Lufeng County: "Homeland of Dinosaur", birthplace of Asian mankind

Wuding County: "Fence for Provincial Capital, Right Arm of West Yunnan"

Yuanmou County: "Homeland of Yuanmouensis"


 (Source: shiyunnan)