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Walking in Lijiang to Feel the Soft Time

Speaking of Lijiang, it is hard not to mention its night. When night falls, the most prosperous moment of the ancient city begins. Neon light up in bars, people get out in the street. Cheering songs and words under the lanterns, everywhere is filled with a bustling atmosphere. However, compared to the flashing lights, people prefer to the peaceful and quiet daytime, even crowded with tourists in Lijiang, which is not as blatant and gorgeous as in night.

Quiet Street ↑↑↑

Summer comes, the ancient town also welcomes the hot breath. The sunlight is bright and beautiful, adding a bit of softness to the time.

Breath of Autumn ↑↑↑

Bustling crowd on one side, quiet compound on the other side, such an opposite scene is common here. 

Endless Stream of Tourists ↑↑↑

Quiet Corner ↑↑↑

In a favorable weather, when walking on the street, you will get blue sky, floating clouds, bridges, flowing water, flower fragrance from the front of and behind the house. Pet cats and dogs lying lazily in the doorway, looking at tourists on the road, is also a common scene. The old play cards on the tea table, with now and then crisp sound of knocking on silverware. You will see tourists by ones or twos through the window, some thinking, some talking, and if it rains, poetic and artistic flavor is adding to the picturesque scenery.

Naxi Cultural Shops ↑↑↑

Gate of Mu House ↑↑↑

It only takes you 2 hours to walk around the ancient town. Shops for jewelry, shawls, Yak meat, also tattoo and portrait services are provided in some shops, worth a try if interested. Some shops with Lijiang culture exhibit elements including ancient tea horse road ruins, Dongba culture and Naxi ancient music. Naxi ancient culture formed in the long history takes Dongba religion as its carrier. Then the wise Naxi people have painted it on the snow white walls and engraved it on the eaves.

Specialty Commodity ↑↑↑

Featured Food ↑↑↑


Different languages, clothing, arts are integrated here. Batches of tourists in all direction come and go. It never ends.

Words of Shopkeeper ↑↑↑

Pictures of all forms ↑↑↑

Stories are left on each slabstone, in each corner. Many people come and live here for years, leave behind the bustle of city. The once reckless youth only becomes gloomy mood for several cups of drinks. People with stories of sentiments want to wash their heart here.

Trace of Time ↑↑↑

Walking in the ancient street, listening to the cycle of melody. Hope the increasing commercial atmosphere will not submerge the last quietness of the ancient town. Hope people will wake up in the morning and say "Hi, Lijiang" under the sunlight.