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Mojiang Twin Festival

Mojiang is the only Hani autonomous county in the country. Nine of the twelve branches - a population of 220,000 people and there's totally twelve branches of Hani nationality - live in Mojiang County, accounting for 62% of the county's population, renowned as the "hometown of Hani". The Tropic of Cancer goes through and divide the county town into two halves, one in the North Temperate Zone and the other in the Tropics, so it is also renowned as the "City of the Tropic of Cancer". Over 1,200 twins live in Mojiang, among them over 600 twins live in villages along the Tropic of Cancer, a high twin rate rarely seen in the world, thus it is renowned as the "home of twins". 

Mojiang is an important node on Kunming-Bangkok Road. No. 213 National Highway and No. 218 Provincial Highway connect in the county, 264 km from Kunming, 159 km from Pu'er and 275 km from Jinghong. On every 1st and 2nd of May, Mojiang holds the China (Mojiang) Tropic of Cancer International Twin Festival & Hani Sun Festival. Welcome to Mojiang to experience the romantic Hani local customs, to feel the magic city of Tropic of Cancer, and to encounter the charming twins! 

Date: 1st and 2nd of May

Location: Mojiang County