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To Discover seven different side of Shangri-La in Spring

This is a clear and clean area, the heaven is too far, but Shangri-La is just right. There are snow mountain grasslands and mysterious plateau lakes. It is the only city of moonlight and charming religious culture. Many People regard this as their dream, an ideal living environment and a supreme state.


The distance from Kunming to Shangri-La County is approximately 637 kilometers, which may takes about 8 hours drive. The route is Kunming-Chuxiong-Dali / Lijiang-Shangri-La (take Hangrui Expressway first, then Dali Expressway, turn to Renmin North Road in Dali, and then take State Road 214 to Shangri-La). 


Meili Snow Mountain

A series of magnificent and beautiful snow peaks are arranged from the south to the north in western suburban of Deqin County, and it is famous Meili Snow Mountain. Kawakarpo Peak, main peak of Meili Snow Mountain, featured with 6,470 meters of elevation, is the highest peak in Yunnan province.

Meili Snow Mountain shows the most beautiful scenery during the period from January to May, and it is very difficult to see general view of the snow peak in Summer and Autumn.


Shika Snow Mountain

Shika Snow Mountain Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of Shangri-La County. In the local Tibetan language, Shika Snow Mountain means "mountain with deer". According to legend, it is the incarnation of Bandanram in Tibetan Buddhism. Bandanram is the head of the gods and the mother of the Buddhas. Tibetan believers believe that Shika Snow Mountain will bring the luck. On July 15th, the Tibetan tradition Zhuanshan festival, Tibetans come to worship the Shika Snow Mountain.


Although it is called a snow mountain, in fact, only from November to April has snow in the high altitude Area. In the low altitude areas, the lush green meadows and azaleas are in full bloom make a charming view.


Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge, as the name suggesting, is said to be famed because of the leap of the tiger from huge stone in the midway of the stream. It is a famous gorge in the world immediately following grand turning of Brahmaputra. Its sizes involves the length in 20 km, drop in 213, narrowest width in 30 meters, and elevation drop in 3,900m between Yulong Mountain and Haba Mountain on both sides. 

The Tiger Leaping Gorge Road is known as "one of the top ten classic hiking trails in the world". It consists of a high-road trekking line and a middle tiger leaping trekking line. It starts from Tiger Leaping Gorge, Shangri-La Town and ends at Zhongxia, with a total length of about 23 kilometers.


Pudacuo National Park

Shangri-La Pudacuo National Park is the first AAAA national park in mainland China, it integrates with environmental protection, ecological cultural tourism, environmental education and community benefit functions. 

It located in the heartland of “Three Parallel Rivers” world natural heritage of northwest of Yunnan, 22 kilometers away from Shangri-La County Town and is composed of two parts, Bitahai Lake Nature Reserve, an internationally important wetland and Shudu Lake scenic area of “Three Parallel Rivers”, the world natural heritage Red Mountain District. 



The Baishuitai is located in the foothills of the Haba Snow Mountain, 103 kilometers from Shangri-La County, and 2,380 meters above sea level. It is a natural wonder formed by the dissolution of calcium carbonate in spring water. The spring water containing calcium bicarbonate slowly flows down, and the carbonate gradually precipitates, year after year, it has formed a shape like terraces for many years. It is called “legacy fields left by fairies” and covers an area of about 3 square kilometers, being the largest spring terraces in China. 


Napa Lake

"Napa Lake" in Tibetan language means "the lake at the back of the forest". It is a typical seasonal lake, and it shows totally different views all the year round. It looks like a cloud of prairie in the period of late summer and early fall, which seems to be the carpet intertwined with clusters of flowers, meadow and highland barley. It turns into broad waters in the winter like a huge mirror. As one of the most scenic spots with plateau characteristics in Shangri-la, Napa Lake is not only the biggest grassland in the whole Shangri-la County but also ideal habitat for black-necked cranes, national-level animals and rare birds.



Bita Lake

Bita Lake Nature Reserve, located in the eastern part of county town of Shangri-la, is 35 km away from the county town of Shangri-la. The nature reserve centers on Bita Lake, which is adjacent to Luoji Village to the east, south and north and borders[FS:Page] on Jianjian Town. The length of its longitudinal distance approximately hits 60 km, and its latitudinal length approximately hits 14 km wide, covering a total area of 1,418 hectares. Tibetan meaning of "Bita Lake" is the place where oak trees form mats. There are wide varieties of national senior protected animals and plants in the reserve, including the fish named to be "hemibarbus labeo" by biologists. The fish is prehistoric life left from ancient quaternary glacial period, and it is succulent tender and delicious, spreading the session of the dish titled with "Salted Fish with Eggplant ".



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