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Comparable to the Turkish Pamukkale - Shangri-La Baishuitai

You may not have heard of the Pamukkale in Turkey, but you may have seen a photo of a cotton flower stacked in the sky, and that picture alone almost ignited the hearts of young girls around the world. However, if you want to see Pamukkale, you don't have to travel to Turkey. You can see it in China, just in Yunnan!

Perhaps that is the Turkish Pamukkale in your imagination, but the real Turkish Pamukkale is like this. The snowy hills piles up as cotton and clouds, looking like terraces on the clouds.

However, the “Pamukkale” in Yunnan is not only comparable to the Turkish Pamukkale, but also additionally surrounded by mountains, giving it more natural and simple characteristics. It is the Baishuitai, locating in Baidi Village, Shangri-La County, Yunnan Province.


The Baishuitai is located in the foothills of the Haba Snow Mountain, 103 kilometers from Shangri-La County, and 2,380 meters above sea level. It is a natural wonder formed by the dissolution of calcium carbonate in spring water. The spring water containing calcium bicarbonate slowly flows down, and the carbonate gradually precipitates, year after year, it has formed a shape like terraces for many years. It is called“legacy fields left by fairies” and covers an area of about 3 square kilometers, being the largest spring terraces in China. .


Backed by the green hills with green trees and surrounded by blue waves, you can enjoy the mountain scenery in the distance and the water view nearby, without hustle and bustle from crowded people. 


The beauty of Baishuitai looks like the daylight beams shining on the earth or the silver ornaments on the costumes of Naxi girls. Strolling up and down the layers of Baishuitai, you can feel the magnificent scene of "pearls falling into a jade plate". This is actually a natural wonder that is formed by the dissolution and slow calcification of calcium carbonate in spring water. It is called the "uncanny workmanship" of nature. 


The sunlight shines on the pool water and reflects different colors, and with the reflection of the blue sky and white clouds, it is not easy for visitors to walk away from such fairyland-like White Water Terraces.

Ticket: 30 yuan/person

Address: Baidi Village, Sanba Town, Shangri-la County, Diqing Tibet Autonomous Prefecture