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Rainforest in Yunnan


Xishuangbanna lies just below the Tropic of Cancer and the land is hilly with some mountains and deep valleys. Indian Ocean monsoons bring in humid air and it is often windless. One quarter of China's faunal species and one sixth of its plant species are living and growing in this marvelously rich and fertile area. The mystic rainforest is a rare oasis on the tropic of cancer. The stretch of vast and fantastic green world is of tremendous vigor.

Xishuangbanna is a national key scenic spot, one of nature reserves that have more than 3.60 million acres, of which 700 thousand acres are to protect the largest intact ancient forests. It is the world as "The Kingdom of Animals and Plants" and as "The Drug Empire". It was established in 1958, and became the national natural reserve in 1986. In 1993, Xishuangbanna Natural Reserve joined in the protection union of "Human and Biosphere" of UNESCO, aiming on protecting the tropical forest ecosystem and the precious animals and plants. It’s released by the State Council in 1995 as the nation's first natural ecological balance of the ecological state.

Xishuangbanna Tropical Rainforest Nature Reserve is located in Menghai County, Mengla County and Jinghong County of Xishuangbanna Prefecture. It occupies an area of some 20,000 square kilometers. Its tropical rainforest , south subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, rare plant and animal species, as well as the entire forest ecosystem are the biggest, the most representative as well as the best preserved rainforest in China’s high altitude and latitude area, which is also the only well-preserved and uninterrupted tropical rainforest on earth. On seeing the map of the world, the places that have the same latitude with Xishuangbanna are almost desert, and only Xishuangbanna is just like a beryl on the earth. 

Visitors will be enchanted by the tropical rain forest, primeval forest and animals along the two banks of the river, especially by the incredible " Sky Garden ", " Blossoms in Old Stems ", " Plant Killer ", " Root Plant " and " One Tree Forest ". The Olive Basin, with a reputation of the " Peacock Plumes " and the " Tail of Green Peacock ", is regarded as the symbol of Xishuanghanna. It is said " the trip to Xishuanghanna is a fruitless one without visiting the Olive Basin ".

Daizu Garden is a famous tourist attraction in Xishuangbanna. There are 5 well-deserved natural Dai villages in the Daizu Garden. In this garden, tourists may not only enjoy the beautiful tropical landscape but also learn the splendid culture of Dai people.