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Ailao Mountain and Dujuan Lake in Jindong, Pu 'er

Dujuan Lake, formerly known as Xujiaba Reservoir and located on the top of Ailao Mountain with the altitude of 2500 m in the eastern part of Jingdong County, is a high-altitude artificial lake built by Jingdong people in the 1950s for the purpose of irrigating ten thousand Mu of fertile farmland under Ailao Mountain. And it is named after various and colorful rhododendron (Pinyin: Dujuan) surrounding that Reservoir.

The water of Dujuan Lake is in deep blue, looking as if the mirror made of blue diamond and echoing the color of the sky, and it is purer, deeper and more mysterious than the sky. Originally ecological subtropical & moist mountain evergreen broad-leaved forest, being the resort’s best reserved in the world, is distributed around the lake.

Red and light purple rhododendron irroratum, pinkly white and purple rhododendron stewartianum, rhododendron roseum elogans and rhododendron dichroanthum are fully blossom surrounding the lake. There are more than 40 species of rhododendron. The flowers look like bowls in large sizes and shrimps in small sizes, being incomparably graceful and pretty brilliant.

Travel Tips:

Jingdong Dujuan Lake, located in Taizhong Town, Jingdong, Pu'er and 60 kilometers away from the county town of Jingdong, Pu'er, is built with Grade-4 asphalt pavement. The gallery road surrounding the lake and channels in the resort are accessible. The Nature Reserve Management Station at the gate is capable of hospitality and accommodation, and you just need to spend 5 Yuan to enter the Mountain.

(Source: Yunnan Niche Travel)