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Appreciate Customs of Wa Ethnic Group in Lincang

Lincang is called a “city of spring” in China. It ranks the 8th in “Gui Qiangfang List, the 15th summer resorts rank (2018) at home and abroad”, which was evaluated and finished by CICC, APEPA and ICGA, was issued in Hongkong and recommended to tourists. 

Lincang is one of the origins of culture of Wa ethnic group. There are 23 ethnic nationalities here, so it is rich in national customs. Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County is one of the only two Wa Autonomous Counties in the country.


Recommended Scenic Spots

Wengding Ancient Village

It is the most well-preserved primitive village up to now and it is called “the last primitive village in China” by National Geographic.

It is located 33 km west of Cangyuan County, Lincang City. In the language of Wa, Wengding means a mist-shrouded place and delicately beautiful high mountain, cloud and river. The village has a history of nearly 400 years. Over 100 families belong to the Wa ethinic group. There are the most complete Wa customs and it is also a fictitious land of peace.  


Location: Wa Autonomous County, Cangyuan, Lincang City

Tel: 0883-7122060

Ticket: 50 yuan/person

Opening hours: 8:00-18:00


Lushi Ancient Town

Its location is between Lancang River and Heihui River, so it is called “Jiajiang”. Besides, it is also an important transportation junction and post from Fengqing to Weishan, Xiaguan, Kunming and Zhongyuan. 


It is the most well-preserved town in the Ancient Tea and Horse Road in Lincang. Jinji Village of the town still maintains hundreds of ancient tea trees. 


Location: northeast of Fengqing County, Lincang City

Opening hours: 24 hours 


Cangyuan Cliff Painting 

It is one of the oldest cliff paintings found in China, which appeared in the late Neolithic Age. 11 places with cliff paintings are found, including Menglai Township, Dinglai Township, Mankan Township and Heping Township of Cangyuan County and Mangguang Township of Gengma County, etc. The cliff paintings are generally on the cliff at 1,500 meters’ altitude. 


The cliff paintings reflect activities of ancient ancestors’ hunting, graze, village, war, dance, acrobatic feats, religious sacrifice and so on. The contents are quite rich and the composition of the picture is concise and unconstrained. Characters and animals are vivid and special in different poses, which reflects the life scenes of ancestors. 


Location: Wa Autonomous County, Cangyuan, Lincang city

Tel: 0883-7126803; 0883-7331350

Ticket: 30 yuan/person

Opening hours: 8:00-18:00


Wulaoshan Mountain Forest Park

It is located 15 kilometers east of Lincang City and it is within the buffer zone of Lincang Daxueshan Nature Reserve. The park is a national forest park.

The mountain got its name from its shape, which looks like some old people chatting together. The main mountain is 2,583 meters high. Its vegetation is mainly evergreen broad-leaf forest and few pinus yunnanensis. Besides, there are also many wild flowers and rare animals. 


Location: Wulaoshan Mountain, Linxiang District, Lincang City (15 kilometers to the east of the city)


Recommended Food

Chicken Risotto

It is also called “bu’annaya” in the language of Wa people. It is the most famous course here and it is generally served for guests as super food. Because it is ropier than gruel and it is mixed with chicken, it is called Chicken risotto. 


Xidoufen Rice Noodle

It is one of special snacks of Lincang. The raw materials include pea powder, rice noodles and other condiments. The pea powder is changed into thick liquid that will be filtered. Then the gruel will be made. The diluted bean flour (xidoufen) will be spread over the hot noodles. Sesame, ginger, chili oil, pepper oil, garlic, green garlic leaves, monosodium glutamate, and soy sauce will be added into it, which makes it more delicious. 




(reference/photo: Internet)