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Rhododendrons come into full blossom in Jiaozi Snow Mountain

Southwestern part of China is the centre for rhododendrons to grow. A great variety of rhododendron flowers and some of them are rare species have found their home in the central Yunnan Province. And Jiaozi Snow Mountain in Luquan County, Kunming is the most centralized area for rhododendron flowers in central Yunnan.

Out of 28 kinds of rhododendron flower in Jiaozi Snow Mountain, three of them are unique within the area. From an altitude of 2300m to 4200m, different families of the plant vary in each area.

Some of the tallest rhododendron could reach to more than 10 metres while some could only grow 20 to 50cm, like the dense branches rhododendron. The rhododendron shrub covers almost one third of the entire rhododendron protected area.

Every April to July is the prime time for rhododendron to bloom in Jiaozi Snow Mountain.

(photo credit: Kunming Jiaozishan Tourism Bureau)