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Pu'er Laiyanghe National Forest Park

Introduction: located in the southeast Simao District, it is the only one virgin forest preserved on the Tropic of Cancer. The entire park is about 23 km long from east to west and about 9 km long from north to south. 


The vegetation cover in the park includes tropical seasonal rain forest, fallen leaf monsoon forest, monsoon evergreen foliage forest, fallen leaf foliage forest, warm evergreen coniferous forest and secondary scrub forest. 

There are more than 200 species of mammals and birds in the park, and many species of amphibious reptile, fish and insects. Ascending a height to get a distant view, you will see the vast immense forest, which makes you feel relaxed and happy. 

Entering the deep and serene virgin forest, you will see the towering ancient trees, dense leafy shade, river flowing, grassland, sandbank, strange flower and grass, rare birds and beasts. It is really a wonderland for tourists. 

In recent years, parent-child trips have became popular, and the park also became a tourist attraction for parent-child trips, which is a good place for children to experience the beauty of nature. 

Address: Laiyanghe, Simao District, Pu'er City