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Pu’er City Won the Honorary Title of China's Top 20 Most Potential Investment Tourist Destination

Recently, 2018 China Tourist Attractions & China Tourism Destination Innovation and Cooperation Summit Forum, organized by the National Cultural History magazine, guided by People's Daily, and co-organized by BES Cultural Tourism Group was held in Beijing. China's 20 most potential investment tourist destinations were selected by online polling and expert review, and Pu’er City was honored to be included in the Top 20 list.



In recent years, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government attached great importance to Pu’er tourism and under the guidance of the provincial tourism development committee, Pu’er tourism has made great strides in the development and progress. A large number of tourism projects such as Pu’er National Park Xiniuping (Rhino Lawn) Scenic Area, Mountain Wa Mysterious Land Resort Hotel, Tea-Horse Road Tourist Scenic Zone, Ximeng Wa Tribe Tourist Area, Xi Kang Yun She, Jing Mai Mang Jing Scenic Area, Pu’er Xiangshan International Ecological Health Resort have been growing vigorously. New progresses were made in building A-level scenic spots, totally achieved three 4A-level scenic spots and five 3A-level scenic spots. A number of well-known enterprises like Kingland Group, Neusoft, Bolian Group were introduced into and settled in Pu’er for investment, expanding the industrial chain to cover scenic spots, hot springs, hotels, leisure vacations, health caring, tourism real estate, etc.; China Meng Kang Port - Laos Lan Dui Port Limited Region Tourism Project was started, in which 5 cross-border tourism routes were opened from Pu’er to Laos which was a "breakthrough" for border tourism route. Rural tourism construction began to bear fruits, a batch of tourism villages like Lao Da Bao Village in Lancang, Tea-Horse Relay Station in Ning’er, Bohang Village in Ximeng showed their charm. The development of tourism products was strengthened, 20 estate tourism projects were constructed, such as the Pu’er Tea House, the Coffee Manor, the Leisure Agricultural Manor, the Bio-medicine Manor. Enterprises were guided to build a new operation type of “estate + tourism” covering content like picking, production, experience. Flight routes like Pu’er-Chengdu and Pu’er-Chongqing were successively put into operation, breaking the zero provincial direct flight. Lancang Jingmai Airport were completed and put into operation, making Pu’er the fourth one to be "one city with two airports" in Yunnan, the tourism aviation market shows a strong momentum of development; A solid tourism market order was developed, stricter supervision was made on tourism market, breakthrough of standardization construction was achieved, thus a tourism market with healthy and standardized order was made.



For the next step, Pu’er will continue to find out the weaknesses in the development of tourism industry, and proactively promote the whole-area tourism development by comprehensively deepen the problem-oriented reform and make efforts on implementation of “tourism +”, thus to build Pu’er as a new highlight of Yunnan tourism, a destination of national health caring tourism, and a health caring base for international tourism and leisure vacation.