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Pu'er | A City With Tea Aroma In The Air

Pu'er, a place that stops me and slows down my pace; a city that becomes prosperous owe to tea production and has then established a predestined relationship with tea, and it is a place where you can pick tea leaves on its streets and roads; with tea aroma in the air, Pu'er is a city where you can explore mysterious forests, taste intoxicating Pu'er tea, eat ecological food, enjoy folk songs and dances, and breath natural oxygen.

In Pu'er, everything is quiet. It is an elvish city not even telling you the change of seasons, no clues left by the rainy weather, because there is always lasting Pu'er tea fragrance in the air.

Walking in the raining Zhushi Street, the old streets and alleys is still telling its historical vicissitudes. The Lahu architecture, the Dai people’s bamboo houses, red gate, black tile, white wall, all these might be the uniqueness. Occasionally a bird flies over, stands on and then quickly flies away from the shallow eave.

Walking on the Chayuan Square, the hospitable Pu'er people will warmly greet you at the tea table. Whether you are resting on your feet or tasting tea, even if you are just taking a look, you will be treated as an honored guest.

Following the steps of Meizi Lake Park, I saw the happy new couples taking photos, the children playing on the boats on Meizi Lake, all those remind me of the innocence in my childhood, the hope and yearning for happiness when I was young, and the hard work in the middle age.

Pu'er, a city that I cannot help exploring it, tasting it and loving it.