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A "New Zealand" Hidden in Wumeng Mountain in Yunnan

In 2009, it was recommended as one of China's 108 beautiful landmarks by Cultural Geography.

In 2013, it was listed as national famous historical and cultural city by the State Council.

What's your preliminary impression of Huize, Qujing? 

In the eyes of foodies, there is fresh and tender Eight Bowls of Black Mutton;

In the eyes of photographers, there is Nianhu Lake worth waiting;

In the eyes of travelers, there is immortally beautiful Dahai Meadow. 

From scenery to food

In this small town city hidden in Wumeng Mountain

With all sceneries to fulfill your expectations.

Dahai Meadow 

Dahai Meadow, located at the southeastern part of Dahai Township, Huize County,

is famous for its charming scenery,

thus gets a reputation of "the oriental New Zealand". 

In the spring days,

the belt stream, clear spring water, green grass and bloomy mountain flowers

together form a giant "colorful meadow".

Soft and broad large meadow meets all expectations for spring days.

You can recklessly play hide-and-seek with the breeze and sunshine

as if place yourself in the fairy wonderland.

In the winter days, the beauty of this place is much more moving.

The large meadow quietly takes off its green coat

wearing a new golden dress.

when snow casually drop down and scatter about.

it is like that you are in the snowy plateau - Tibet.

Beside the road of the meadow

you will encounter baked potatoes on dung cage fire

and delicious smoky mutton strings,

the scent of meadow will catch you from remote distance.

Address: Southeast part of Dahai Township, Huize County, Yunnan. 

Nianhu Lake 

It is a talking lake

which tells a moving story and a longing for someone

Like an envelope being sent to nobody

With too much longing and prays.

The most moving moment should be in winter days.

Thin morning mist diffuses the lake

with a nascent morning light falling on the surface.

Water vapor infests the treetop, coagulating transparent dew

Waiting the most beautiful scenery upon the longest awaiting sentiment

must be the most persistent initial purpose of the photographer.

In addition to the light mist and scene

you will also see black-necked cranes and bar-headed goose in this season

adding vitality to the scene.

No grand and magnificent sight

no colorful images

a longing for someone makes a lake, only simple tone and story

awaiting for someone who understands it.

Address: Village Road 025, Huize County, Qujing City, Yunnan

Nagu Ancient Town 

Nagu Town has a long history of over 2,000 years

Huize is a splendid copper capital in Han Dynasty

making Nagu Town the "first station of ten thousand miles of transportation to the capital"

Huize's copper continuously goes from here to Huidong, Sichuan

An endless stream of horse caravan in and out

brings prosperity to this small flatland in Wumeng Mountain.

The strong history accumulation

is materialized into a brilliant cultural landscape

Now the town still has 21 ancient buildings

with feature attractions as Chen's Family Compound, Yunfeng Temple, Three Saint Palace Tower etc.

any of them is covered by dust of history. 

Mottled old buildings

historic stone path

although there is no touching scenery

it will be a good choice to experience 

through one thousand year of history

It is not as famous as Lijiang Ancient Town, or Dali Ancient Town

but it is not inferior to both of them in the historical aspect

meanwhile, you can experience the magnificence of "the hometown of currency king" .

Address: West of Huize County, east coast of Jinsha River 

Huize Food 

Huize is also a land of fable delicacies

Eight bowls of black mutton,  trout, local "eight bowls",

pickled radish Wujiang fish, Dudu soup  are choices for meals

Thin bean flour, fried potato,

Oats fried noodles and pea bean jelly as feature snacks

your appetite will be fed definitely even if you are a nitpicking foodie,

particularly when you eat the "three treasure of Huize" - black mutton, rainbow trout and potato,

It will be a waste of time without a taste of these three if you have already come to Huize.

Road Trip: Kunming – Huize, via Hangzhou-Ruili Highway, Chongqing-Kunming Highway

Recommended route: Kunming - Nianhu Lake - Nagu Ancient Town - Dahai Meadow - Kunming