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Dajiujia (Fried rice cake)

Dajiujia, also called Erkuai or fried rice cake, is a famous dish of Tengchong. But it is also a well-received staple food in Kunming.

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Dajiujia, the name dated back to the Ming Dynasty, when Emperor Yongli went into exile to Tengchong in Yunnan Province, he was "saved" by this dish. When the Emperor was starving, but local people didn't have much at hand. So one of the farmers thought that he could make do with what he has at home to serve the Emperor. Therefore, the farmer used some ham, eggs, tomato and some Chinese cabbage to stir fry with Erkuai (sliced rice cake). Unexpectedly, the Emperor loved the flavor and he ate every bit of the fried Erkuai. Therefore, the simple dish has got its official name "Dajiujia", which means "the food that saved the Emperor".