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Four Features of Hani Terraced Fields in Honghe County

Silver layers in spring, green waves in summer, golden towers in autumn, dragon playing water in winter, that's what in common for all Hani terraced fields. And another four features of Hani terraced fields in Honghe County are as follows.

No. 1: Cherry blossoms and palms

Every December to March, bitter and sweet cherry blossoms along the Jia Yin Ta Sa Twelve Dragon Spring Scenic Zone, and palms stand on the field edge, along with the terraced fields, all in a beauty like a fairyland.

No. 2: Willow in spring breeze

Every April to June, along the road from Baohua Township to Jiayin Township, at the Baohua Township Qidie Villagers’ Committee, willow trees and leaves reflect with paddy fields, really a lasting appeal.

No. 3: Sea of clouds 

Before and after the winter and spring season, especially in spring beginning, sea of clouds frequently appears in Honghe Valley, sea-like cloud, ground-like cloud, rolling-over cloud, flying cloud. The best two shooting places for sea clouds and sunrise are Guidong and Nimei Dam in Leyu Terraced Field Scenic Area. Many shutterbugs praise that the sea clouds and sunrise in Guidong Scenic Area set off Mount. Taishan, Mount. Huangshan and Mount. Emei.


No. 4: Sama Dam Terrace

It is famous for its large area and majesty with 14,000 mu (1 mu = 666.67 square meters) of terraced fields concentrated and layered as 4,300 steps. It climbs up from over 600 m to 1,880 m along the mountain, shaping like a heaven ladder as beautiful as a dragon backbone, which shows a humane landscape of terrace fields wrapping around the waist of the mountain, a rural scenery rich in poetic and artistic flavor. It is a masterpiece of nature created by Hani people. The local saying of "one cannot see any terrace field larger than Sama Dam, and one cannot say he has gone to Honghe Valley if one has not gone to Sama Dam." could make a point for it. Sama Dam's spectacular and magical landscape embodies the high harmony between human and nature, expressing a social system in which the four-factor (forest, village, terraces, river) structured agricultural ecosystem combining all ethnic groups is in harmony.