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Walking in the last Dai Ethnic Ancient Town – Nayun

Ancient Nayun Town, though of a long history, still retains a distinguishing feature and graceful bearing of Dai ethnic ancient town, containing rich and colorful Dai chieftain culture, along with religious buildings, food, clothing, holiday, music, dance, folk custom etc., hence of valuable historical and artistic value. In recent years, more and more guests of domestic and overseas ethnic minorities, especially Dai guests from Myanmar, Thailand and other neighboring countries, are coming and visiting Nayun Town for antiquities. 


Two Day Tour in Nayun Town: 

D1: Nayun Town - Shangcheng Buddha Temple 

Shuttle from Simao Bus Terminal to Menglian County. You can have lunch after arriving at Menglian County, then take an electromobile (2 Yuan/person) to Nayun Town. Walk in Nayun Town to experience the local Dai dwellings and traits. Then go for Shangcheng Buddha Temple on the Jinshan Mountain, which is a dedicated Buddha temple for chieftain family in the chieftain period (free admission). You can also appreciate sunset at the temple in the late afternoon. Then return to the town for dinner, and live in the Zhenshan Hotel or local residence for one night. 

D2: Menglian Xuanfu Department (Chieftain) - Zhongcheng Buddha Temple - Menglian Pagoda 

Get up early and go to the famous Menglian Xuanfu Department. Ticket is 10 Yuan per person. In addition to the ancient architectural complex and historical perspective combined Han and Dai ethnic group, it is also worth seeing the Menglian County Museum of National History in the complex. Nearby the Menglian Xuanfu Department, there is a Zhongcheng Buddha Temple, where you can see the Buddha temple construction of national style and understand the Buddhism faith of Dai ethnic group. Ticket is 2 Yuan per person. After lunch in the town, you can visit the Menglian Pagoda, facing the Mengliang Xuanfu Department across a great distance. It consists of a main tower encircled by 8 smaller ones, glittering in golden color, which is very beautiful. Then you can take a shuttle back to Simao, or to live several more days in Nayun Town to experience the Dai culture.  


Sino-Burma Street, just opposite the Minzu Square, is a place of exotic atmosphere, where you can find plenty of treasures, cosmetics at a duty-free price, along with imported goods and food from Thailand. It is a dazzling place.