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Most Gorgeous Rice Fields in Autumn

In autumn, besides the fiery maple leaves and golden ginkgo, the golden rice field is the most splendid scene. The most gorgeous rice fields in autumn are found in Guangnan County Wenshan Prefecture.

Guangnan County, located in the southeast of Yunnan Province, is the junction of the three provinces including Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou, where lives 11 ethnic groups including Zhuang, Han, Miao, Yi and Yao, and the population of minorities accounted for 62% of the total. Here are exotic folk customs, scenic view and pleasant climate, boasting subtropical monsoon climate, with annual average temperature of 16.7 °C.

It is the jurisdiction of ancient Guoding Kingdom. Historically, ancient Guoding Kingdom concurrently existed with counties and prefectures for 583 years. It enjoys the equal fame with the ancient Dian Kingdom and the Yelang Kingdom. It has the history over 500 years and 1000 years  respectively earlier than those of the ancient Dian Kingdom and Dali Kingdom, once being one of the three major southwestern foreign countries in the Western Han Dynasty in China and one of the eight mysterious ancient countries in Yunnan.

2018 Guangnan World Rice Culture Tourism Festival was held in Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture Yunnan Province from September 19 to October 6, and the festival with the duration of nearly 20 days, connects the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays.


Gouding Highlands Special Agricultural Products Expo (September 16 -October 6)

The rice culture, bronze drum culture, nine iconic  songs, Zhuang people's embroideries, folk culture products carefully crafted by folk artists, miniature arts like dazzling agricultural tools, bronze drums, costumes, engravings gather ancient national culture and display diverse folk customs.


Feast of King Gouding (September 20)

  You can't help yourself appreciating the scenic view while visiting Gouding, and could you resist delicious food whenever you site? At the feast of the king, you will feel just like returning to the ancient Gouding Kingdom and share relatively soft, glutinous and eight treasures rice.


One- Day Tour to the "Ten Pretty Gouding Landscapes" (September 19-October 6)

You can have a wonderful tour to " Ten Pretty Gouding Landscapes" including Guangnan County Museum, Ke Zhongping Memorial Hall, Chasteness Stone Archway, Lianhu Lake, Nong-family Chieftain Administrative, Qitian Pavilion, Huanggu Templea, satisfying your needs of sightseeing, ancient resorts visiting and academic researches in Liancheng.


Autumn Harvest Ritual Scrafice for Royal Tribute Rice -Eight-Treasure Rice (September 21)

Traditional worship rituals of local ethnic minorities in Guangnan are represented, 12 production links like “Guangbozhong Sowing”, “Rice Transplanting Commencement”, “Rice Transplanting Completion” and “Fresh Rice Making” for rice work combined with dances, sounds and pictures, presenting the worship rite of whole rice culture, telling long history of eight-treasure rice.


River Lanterns Supplication (September 21 - October 6)

At starry night, why strolling along the riverside, lighting river lanterns and praying by flying Kongming Lanterns, and the lights and dotted stars the good wishes and hopes fly together and wonder away.


Daohuaxiang Camping Music Festival (October 2- 3)

When you are tired and full, set up the tents in the rice field for a dialogue with the stars, and spend the camping music festival, beer romantic night and campfire party. Show your voice in the wilderness of the stars, ignore the stress and relax.


Hundred-Mile Green Road Tour on Warriors Open-top SUV (October 2)

Drive the open-top jeep and pass through various barriers, flying hundreds of miles, the blue sky and white clouds are gazing at you while looking up, green and verdant clusters come to your eyes. The sightseeing cars heading to Liancheng Town from Babao Town are so cool and shining!


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