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Recommended Cycling Routes in Yunnan

Why not have an outing in spring when "everything's gone green"?

Come on, in the spring breeze, in the bloomy days. Let's go for a cycling to feel the freedom and joy in Yunnan.

 [Cycling in Lijiang]

Cycling to Lashi Lake

Cycling Route: Lijiang Ancient City - Huangshan Village - Lashi Lake

It is completely different between cycling and horse-riding to Lashi Lake. You will focus on your feeling on the horseback when you are riding a horse, but when you are cycling, you will focus on the beautiful scenery: sweet breeze over the lake surface, flying birds on the top of willow trees, water plants reflected in the water, and barbecue by the fishing boat. You can attentively feel all these experience and scenery only when you are cycling. 

Cycling to Wenhai

Cycling Route: Lijiang Ancient City - Baisha - Fuguo Temple - Wenhai - Wenhai Down Village

You will pass Baisha and Fuguo Temple on your cycling way to Wenhai. After the exhausted cycling journey, you will suddenly see the light, which is like to see some fable delicacies after you have been starved for three days. The scenery in Wenhai Village is pleasant. There is no insipid concrete buildings in this place, instead you will see finely crafted gates, and huge wooden frames used for drying barley in the autumn harvest. In late spring, all sorts of azaleas will bloom all over the mountains and plains, bright-coloured clusters of flowers will be dotted among the mountains. 

Cycling along Snow Mountain

Cycling Route: Lijiang Ancient City - Qingxi Reservoir - World Heritage Park - Tourism and Cultural College - Baisha Ancient Town - Dongba Kingdom - Sister Lake - Yufeng Temple - Dongba Gods Garden - Jade Water Village - Dongba Valley

It a relatively popular route and also the most classic route of Lijiang, and it has the largest number of riders on the route. Because it is a simple one and the riders can see the snow mountain in sunny weather.

Cycling to Guanyin Gorge

Cycling Route: Lijiang Ancient City - Guanyin Gorge

It is a relatively flat route, always pastoral scenery along the way in Lijiang's dam area until a straight downhill at the Guanyin Gorge section, which leads you to the most amazing and beautiful scenery.

Cycling to Yangtze River's No.1 bay - Shigu

Cycling Route: Lijiang Ancient City - Lashi Lake - Xionggu Observation Deck - Shigu

It is a vigorous, firm and grand route, always with landscapes of big waters and mountains downwards from the Xionggu slope. And you can see the world-famous Yangtze River's No.1 bay.

Cycling to Tiger Leaping Gorge

Cycling Route: Lijiang Ancient City - Lashi Lake - Xionggu Observation Deck - Tiger Leaping Gorge

It is a cycling route along river, you will see the scenery along Jinsha River. Open vision all the way with countless willow forests. You will encounter local farmers selling strawberries, which you can buy at picking.

 [Cycling in Qujing]

Cycling to Luoping

Cycling Route: Luoping County Sports Center - Luoping Dongfang Rape Flowers

Along the rape flower field, you will see the fine scenery in Luoping. This route fits this season, rape flowers are blooming brightly, and you can see the Guinness "Largest Rape Flower Labyrinth in China".

 [Cycling in Dali]

Cycling to Erhai

Cycling Route: Ancient City - Xizhou - Shangguan - Shuanglang - Wase - Haidong - Xiaguan - Ancient City

Erhai Lake is born to be a master of storytelling. It repeatedly tells the story of Husband-Longing Cloud and the story of Wind, Flower, Snow and Moon to tourists from four cardinal points.

Cycling to Jianhu Lake

Cycling Route: Jianhu Lake, Jinhua Mountain

There is an orchard at the mountain foot on the east of Jianhu Lake. Maybe you will encounter some local orchardmen with boats of fresh fruits. Go for cycling on this route, feel the gentle breeze, and slow your pace of life.

 [Cycling in Yuxi]

Cycling around Fuxian Lake

Cycling Route: Cherry Valley - Hot Water Pond - Fairy Lake - Jieyu Stone - Gushan Island - Sunshine Coast - Star Fish Cave - Biyun Temple - Luchong Village - North Shore Wetland Park

Fuxian Lake - a poet riding a dream, a pearl herding on plateau. When you are cycling around Fuxian Lake, where scenery along the way awaiting you, there are also multiple water recreations in the scenic areas. It is good to stop for a while or even stay for one night here.

 [Cycling in Kunming]

Cycling around Dianchi Lake

Cycling Route: Guangfu Road - Fubao Road - Huanhu East Road - Chenggong - Jincheng - Kunyang - Huanhu South Road - Haikou - Xishan - Haigeng Dam - Hongta East Road - Guangfu Road.

Beautiful lake and mountain scenery, an eight-hundred-mile long lakeside journey is waiting for you. Vast blue and bright mood get you im[FS:Page]mersed in the breeze. Childlike innocence, mad rush, unintentionally alarming groups of gulls to fly. Cycling around Dianchi Lake to experience the humanity scenery along the way, to feel the harmony between human and nature.

 [Cycling in Dehong]

Cycling to Husa

Cycling Route: Husa Township, Longchuan County

Countryside houses beside the road, blue sky, high mountain and fresh air. It is a best route to experience rural life: small courtyards along all the way, and it is very convenient for you to refresh your physical strength and endurance at any time.

So many cycling routes of different styles, just choose one and go for it!

 (Source: WeiyouYunnan)