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Clustered and Columnar Terrain in Qujiang , Jianshui, Fantastic Colored Resort of Sands

People may only heard clustered and columnar terrain in Yuanmou County and colored resort of sand in Luliang County, both in Yunnan Province. But Jianshui County is also reserved with colored and gorgeous clustered and columnar terrain in Qujiang, Qinglong, Dianwei and other places. 

The launch of Tonghai-Jianshui Expressway (from Tonghai County in Yuxi City to Jianshui County in Honghe Prefecture) and operation of Qujiang Station of Fan-Asian Railway inject new vitalities to economic development and social civilization progress of Qujiang. Tourism, a sunrise industry, is of no exception, and fresh and beautiful resorts like hot spring, folk craft copper silver pot industry of Hui nationality, blueberry base and attractive rural tourism have been favored by tourists, and gradually more and more people visit clustered and columnar terrain. 

The clustered and columnar terrain, only 6 and 7 kilometers away from the exit of Qujiang Toll Station of Tonghai-Jianshui Expressway (Tonhai County—Jianshui County) and Kunming-Hekou Railway respectively, is located in Guanyi Village, Guanyi Village Committee, Qujiang Town, Jianshui County, Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan.

Glossy and green field in inter-mountainous sites cross, trees in mountains around inter-mountainous sites shine green. While walking along country path into inter-mountainous site, local keen and hospitable Hui people told me that clustered and columnar terrain and colored resort of sand are just around. 

Majestic "castle"

A series of clustered and columnar terrains looking like heavily fortified colored "castles". There are "forts" and "walls", even "sentries" firmly stand walls with spears in hands are seen vaguely. French-style "Arc de Triomphe" is visible; Egypt's "Pyramid" and "Sphinx" were moved and settled down at occasionally moved here; Hongwu-era Grand Bell in Zhaoyang Building and "Yunlong Grand Bell" in Yunlong Mountain in Jianshui are stably located here. And bustling "crowds", hawking "vendors" along streets, a stream of horses and chariots and lined up "shops" shaping a "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival" as if it is naturally formed.

Colored "forest"

Here there are clusters and dense "virgin forest", but it is strange that dominant tone is white and gray rather than being green. Because the soil contains the white, red, yellow, purple, black, green and other colors, and takes on stratified, banding and radial distribution, and nearly sandy soil is divided and peeled into so spectacular and shaping natural wonders after thousands of years of wind blowing, sunshine exposing, raining. Therefore, it is a place of colored resort of sand.