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A Place to Sing "Happy Lahu"

The people in Jiujing Laodabao, Lancang County, are friendly and hospitable to welcome visitors by wine and songs. You will always chime in with the catchy song of "Happy Lahu". Accompanying the lilting rhythms, cups of Lahu wine will be presented to the visitors. It is a place as beautiful as a painting, and the people here are the best footnote in the beautiful scenery. Their singing makes you forget tiredness and worries in the city, and to help you to immerse in the local happy life.


Laodabao Villager Group of Menggen Village, Jiujing Township is located in the southeast of Lancang County, 42 km from the county town, and 11 km from the No. 214 National Highway. Laodabao Village is a typical Lahu ethinic village with 473 households, all of which are Lahu ethinic minority. The village has beautiful natural scenery, good ecology, well-preserved traditional fence building with rich Lahu characteristics. It has deep and profound details of Lahu culture, best-preserved Lahu dances and songs, as well as the traditional culture of Lahu people. 

Laodabao Villager Group of Menggen Village, Jiujing Hani Ethinic Minority Township, Lancang County, is one of the protection and inheritance bases for the national non-material cultural heritage "Mupamipa", and the birthplace of the song "Happy Lahu". The feature of "people start to sing as soon as they can speak, and start to dance as soon as they can walk" for the ethnic minorities is fully embodied in this pure Lahu village. People here at any age are good at both singing and dancing, who are experts in Lusheng dance, swing dance, Acapella, and the most prominent one for them is to play guitar and sing. 

Eighty percent of the villagers, from the old at 70 to the kids in school age, can play guitar. Though they have never been trained, can't even read the music, but with their passion for music, and with their own experiences and feelings, they've created a lot of popular songs, with representative works as "Happy Lahu", "Really Reluctant To", "Truly Love You", "Be Together At New Year" and so on. So far they have created over 300 Lahu folk songs, which are deeply loved by the masses. Among them, the guitar play-and-sing of "Happy Lahu" became widely spread in the country, winning "the reputation of Happy Lahu by travelling around with a guitar". They spontaneously formed groups such as "Laodabao Ya'e Art Troupe", "Dabao Five Brothers", "Dabao Sisters", they were repeatedly invited to perform in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guangxi, Hunan and other places, and even travel abroad to Japan. They brought their guitar performance to CCTV, the National Grand Theatre, the Shanghai Grand Theatre, and the Hangzhou Grand Theater. They participated in CCTV's "Charming 12", "XING GUANG DA DAO", "Folk Songs · China", "I Wanna Be On The Spring Festival Gala", and "Clash of the Choirs". They also participated in the Original Ecological Folk Song Contest, the Shanghai Tourism Festival, the China Sangzhi Folk Song Festival, the Kunming International Tourism Festival, the China Original Ecological Folk Song Exhibition Performance and other cultural activities around the whole country, with a purpose to show the distinctive charms of Lahu culture both home and abroad.