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1st International Theatre Live Festival Opens in Kunming

Starting from November 14, 10 event cinema titles from National Theatre Live, Royal Shakespear Company's Live from Stratford-upon-Avon, Almeida Theatre Live and Branagh Theatre Live will be broadcast on the International Theatre Live Festival, which is the very first time for event cinema to be held in China. 

The International Theatre Live Festival, featuring the collaboration between ATW Culture and Broadway Cinematheque in China, will last for over a month in 3 cities (Wuhan, Kunming and Chengdu), with a total of 60 screenings, expecting to promote the new format to a wider audience. 


Show Time:November 17 - December 2, 2017


Venue:Broadway Cinema (Shuncheng KM) 昆明顺城百老汇影城

Address: 2nd Floor, F Area, Shuncheng Shopping Centre, Wuhua District, Kunming

Address in Chinese: 昆明市五华区 顺城购物中心二层 百老汇影城


November 17,  19:30  Hamlet

November 18,  14:30  Coriolanus;19:30 Amadeus

November 19, 14:30 The Winter's Tale;19:30 No Man's Land

November 20, 19:30 Saint Joan

November 21,  19:30 Romeo and Juliet

November 22, 19:30 Richard III

November 23,  19:30 King Lear

November 24,  19:30 Saint Joan

November 25,  14:30 Hamlet; 19:30 Amadeus

November 26,  14:30 Coriolanus; 19:30 The Winter's Tale

November 27,  19:30 Obsession

November 28,  19:30 Richard III 

November 29,  19:30 Romeo and Juliet 

November 30,  19:30 King Lear

December 1,  19:30 Obsession

December 2,  19:30 No Man's Land


(Ref/Photo credit:Kunming Broadway Cinema)