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Heihe Laopo in Mangshi City, Dehong Prefecture

Heihe Laopo Natural Reserve is located at the junction of Zhongshan Township and Mengga Town in Mangshi City. With the elevation of 2,836 m, it is the highest mountain in Mangshi City. The reserve has abundant rainfall, which has formed obvious vertical biological zonation, and which has rich species in wild plants and animals. There are 2,000 species of highland plants in 257 branches, among them 30 are national class I, II, III protection species like taxus chinensis var. mairei, wood spinulose tree fern, Taiwania flousiana, bastard mahogany, Craigia yunnanensis, phoebe ahenreH, Fagopyrum dibotrys, and 18 are provincial rare and precious protection plants in imminent danger. In addition, there are other 23 species of national class I and II rare wild animals like loris, bear, monkey, silver pheasant, etc.

In January 2001, experts of Kunming Institute of Botany under Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted a resource investigation at Heihe Laopo Natural Reserve, and discovered the rare and endangered borneol plant belt. Totally over 100 borneol trees were found at the elevation between 1200 ~ 1500 m, which is an "unbelievable" phenomenon in such a high altitude area from the perspective of botany. 

Travel Tips: 

1. The appearance of Dehong changes little all year round, while Heihe Laopo changes a lot. The suggested tourist season are: April – October.

2. You can fly straight to Mangshi City, Dehong, then take a drive (about 1.5 hours) from Mangshi City to Heihe Laopo, the road trip is convenient. There is a bus to Heihe Laopo every morning, or you can rent a car.

3. Please take rain gear with you in the rainy season. A travel raincoat is not only a shelter from wind and rain, but also can keep you warm. The weather in the mountain changes fast and it is a little cold when the rain comes.

4. You can find farmhouse restaurant and order the roast sheep at the foot of the mountain; you can also bring a tent for camping at the mountain foot, and watch the sunrise the next day.

5. Ticket: 35 Yuan/person 

 (Source: Yunnan Niche Travel)