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Appreciate flowers in Kunming

Being nominated as the third “spring city” in the world, Kunming indeed, allures visitors from home and abroad to enjoy such a warm, lively and comfortable spring with its pleasant weather and a great many flowers. After the Lantern Festival, Kunming has seen millions of tulip flowers, cheery trees, peach flowers, rhododendrons and other flowers in full bloom, attracting citizens and tourists to go to different parks and areas around Kunming just to enjoy what the spring city has to offer. If you are also a fan of flowers and who don’t want to travel far away from the city, then we have the list of parks that might be helpful.


Heilongtan (Black Dragon) Park

Each year, Heilongtan Park would host the Azalea Exhibition. Within the 250mu of the so-called “rhododendron valley” in Heilongtan Park, there are over 350,000 of 20 species of rhododendron flowers, making it one of the most popular parks in Kunming.

Address: Heilongtan Park, No. 612, Longquan Road, Kunming

Address in Chinese: 昆明市龙泉路612号,黑龙潭公园

Ticket: 20 Yuan/Person

Transportation: Bus No. 9, 128, 249, 79; Subway Line 2 to Longtoujie Stop (龙头街), walk from the subway station to Longtoujie Bus Stop (龙头街站) for about 90 meters, and take bus No. 9 or 79 to Heilongtan Park (6 stops).


Kunming Zoo

Every year, during the Women’s Day, thousands of glorious cheery trees would draw great attention to nature-lovers, photographers to come to Kunming zoo. Three of the best locations to appreciate the lovely flowers are: Haitang Dadao (海棠大道), Central Yunnan Cheery Zone, Yuantong Plaza (the East Gate) of the park. The best time to catch their beauty is from early March to early April. Don’t miss it!

Address: No. 92 Qingnian Road, Kunming Zoo, Panlong District, Kunming

Address in Chinese: 昆明市盘龙区,青年路92号,昆明动物园

Ticket: 20 Yuan/Person

Transportation: Bus No. 4, 59, 74, 83, 85, 100, 101, 129, a2.


Jindian (The Golden Temple)

The Golden Temple is not only famous for its history-laden architecture, but its charming flowers, such as camellia, azalea, begonia, etc. There are over 100 species of azalea flowers at the azalea flower garden. Moreover, more than 1,000 rhododendron arboreum flowers are also in their full bloom in the Golden Temple.

Address: The Golden Temple Scenic Area, Chuanjin Road, Mingfeng Mt, Panlong District, Kunming

Address in Chinese: 昆明市盘龙区, 鸣凤山穿金路,金殿风景区

Ticket: 20 Yuan/Person

Transportation: Bus No. 10, 47, 71, 76, 142, 146, 147.


Jiaoye Park

At Jiaoye Park, more than 26 species and over 10,000 peach flowers have been blooming. Cheery flowers and magnolia could also be found near the East gate. Jiaoya Park is also an ideal place for BBQ and picnic. But please be aware that it could be crowded during weekends.

Address: Jiaoye Park, Yu’an Shan, Norther suburb of Xishan District, Kunming

Address in Chinese: 昆明市西山区北郊玉案山郊野公园

Ticket: 8 Yuan/Person

Transportation: Bus C61, C62, C63.


(Reference: Kunming.cn)