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China's Lijiang and Chengjiang Appear on Venice Film Festival

On September 2, the promotional film for Lijiang and Chengjiang (two tourist cities in Yunnan, China) appears on the Venice Film Festival for "Best Outdoor Scene Locations in China" in the unit of "Focusing on China", attracting a lot of attention. The unit, themed as "one film, one city, one culture, one trip", bridges the international film and television production team with many Chinese scenic cities. 


Jiang Yong, member of the standing committee of Lijiang municipal party committee introduced the beautiful scenery to the guests on the road show for "Best Outdoor Scene Locations in China" in the unit of "Focusing on China" on the 74th Venice Film Festival. Lijiang, as the representative of China's most beautiful outdoor scene location, has amazed filmmakers from various countries through its promotional film - with the narrating in English and the captions in Italian - showing a picturesque scenery in front of the audiences on site. 

Lijiang, located at the juncture of three provinces - Yunnan, Sichuan and Tibet, is a historical and cultural city with deep cultural background, and an international tourism resort with modern city features. It is the ancient "south silk road", and is an important passageway for the "tea-horse road". It is renowned to be one of the "places you will have to go in your life". 


Lijiang Old Town

With another name as Dayan Ancient Town, it is the most famous town on the tea-horse road. Through the history of 800 years, wooden buildings with gray tiles constitutes the ancient streets and lanes with bridges and streams. Standing on the East Street of the town, you can have a remote look of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain by just raising your head. Many film and television shows such as One meter sunshine and Mu House’s Conflict were shot here. 


Mufu Mansion

The residential mansion for Mu's family from generation to generation in Lijiang adopts the architectural style of Central Plains in Ming Dynasty, and now becomes a landmark of the town. Xu Xiake, a famous geographer in the Ming Dynasty had described it as "splendid as an emperor's house". 


Shuhe Old Town 

As an important relay station on the Tea-Horse Road, the town is situated at the foot of a hill and beside a stream, with scattered and organized houses, deep and shallow footprints of horses on the stone road, telling a story of the remote years. 


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain 

It is a famous scenic spot in Lijiang and a holy mountain for Naxi people. There are totally 13 peaks rolling one after another, shaping like a flying silver dragon, hence its name. It has multistage landscapes from the subtropical zone, the temperate zone to the frigid zone. 


Blue Moon Valley 

It is under the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. In the sunny days, tourists, standing high on the mountain will see the valley as if it is a remote blue moon hanging on the mountains, while a white one in rainy days. 


Ganhaizi Pasture 

It is a natural meadow pasture, with activities like sand sliding, grass sliding, gliding, racing for tourists. 


Laojun Mountain National Geological Park 

Legends has it that it was the holy land where an immortal - named Taishang Laojun - refined the pill of immortality, hence its name. If you stay for one night in Liming Village in the scenic area, you will see the amazing scene of "three times of sunrises and sunsets". If lucky enough, you will have the chance to see the rhinopithecus bieti. 


Lugu Lake 

As the highest lake in Yunnan, it is renowned as a "plateau pearl". The Mosuo minority, living on one side of Lugu Lake, adhere to a "voyage marriage" system - both men and women are not officially married to each other. Lugu Lake is also called the "oriental women's land". 


Lashi Lake 

A plump and abundant wetland, with green grass on lakeside, fish and shrimp in groups in the lake water, showing a beautiful scenery. It is also a wintering habitat for migratory birds, and every year over tens of thousands of migratory birds come here for the winter days, making it a good place for horse riding, boating, and birds watching in Lijiang. 


"Best Outdoor Scene Location in and out of China" - Chengjiang 

The promotional film for Chengjiang is played in the "Best Outdoor Scene Locations in China" in the unit of "Focusing on China", attracting a lot of attention. 

The huge market potential in China is envied by many European filmmakers. Guests on site said that huge potential lies in cooperation between China and Euro[FS:Page]pe in fields like VR (virtual reality) and outdoor location selection for film-making. 

After watching the promotional film, the famous Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta said that, China, with its vast territory and abundant resources, was an excellent option for outdoor locations selection for film-making, and that she was about to make a film, hoping to go for China to take some shots. 

Chengjiang County, under the jurisdiction of Yuxi City, Yunnan, with a pleasant weather and beautiful scenery, was listed into the second batch of 2016 National Universe Tourism Demonstration Zones approved by the National Tourism Administration. For those who have not been in Chengjiang for a long period, it is a different Chengjiang. For those who have been in Chengjiang frequently, Chengjiang gets more and more beautiful. Walking on the beach under the setting sun, you will feel a Chinese style romantic vibe.


Fuxian Lake 

It is the largest deep-water freshwater lake. Its water capacity is as large as 12 Dianchi Lake, or 6 Erhai Lake. The lake water is clear enough to see bottom, glittering and translucent. The ancients described it as "a colored glaze as long as ten-thousand miles". 


Luchong Scenic Spot 

Located on the west bank of Fuxian Lake, it consists of scenery including Fuxian Lake, Bijia Mountain, Yusun Mountain, ancient banyan tree, and unique waterwheel fish-catching. 


Moon Bay Wetland Park 

There is no distance between the Moon Bay Wetland Park and Fuxian Lake, making it a suitable place for walking and sight-seeing. On the southernmost lakeside, there is an open and vast sand beach with coconut tree woods beside, which will provide the tourists a sunlight seacoast experience. 


Maotian Mountain 

Famous for fossil, the so-called terrestrial life Cambrian Explosion refers to this place, where buried the Maotian Mountain Fossils dating back 541 million years, providing extremely valuable evidence for revealing the secrets of the evolution of early life on the earth. 


Xinhekou Waterfront Park 

A lakeside tourism town on the north shore of Fuxian Lake, with much lakeside wetland scenery, you can row a boat, swim and watch the lotus in summer and autumn, and a large flock of ocean seagulls pass the winter in winter and spring.


Jinlian Mountain 

Chengjiang Jinlian Mountain Ancient Tomb buries historic culture remains from the Warring States Period to the Eastern Han Dynasty. 147 graves were excavated, over 600 archaeological finds record the life fragments of ancient Yunnan people, clearly reflected the development, evolution and vein of Yunnan culture, concealing the large cultural value of ancient Yunnan customs. 


 (Source: yunnan.cn)