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Don't Miss Spring! Visit Luoping and View Rape Flowers!

Impression Luoping

Luoping, located in the east of Yunnan Province, is the junction of the three provinces (regions) including Yunnan, Guangxi and Guizhou and as one of the counties under the jurisdiction of Qujing City, Yunnan Province, covers the area of 3,116 square kilometers and has been being known as the "Gateway of Eastern Yunnan" and the "Key to Yunnan and Guizhou" and received the titled with "Crowing of Cock Hearable to Residents in Adjoining Three Provinces", and has won the city cards including "Top 100 National Tourism Counties", "Advanced National Grain Production County", "Top County for National Tobacco Leaf Production", "National Civilized County Seat", etc. It is worth mentioning that Luoping's rape flowers are well known across the world. Luoping is one of four largest rape flower attractions in China, and it is also the site where rapeseed flowers earliest blossom in mainland China!


Scenic Luoping

Rape Flowers

Jinji Peak Cluster

Countless cone-shaped hills well and properly arranged in the dam at the 12th  kilometer to the northeast of National Road 324 in Luoping County Seat, is exactly Jinji Peak Cluster, being the best resort to shoot rapeseed flowers. While standing on the top of the mountain, you are allowed to have a panoramic view on Jinji Peak Cluster. Various cone-shaped hills with different shapes are dotted in the boundless green and yellow ocean in different seasons, showing fascinatingly!


Screw-shaped Farmland

Niujie "Screw-shaped Farmland", located at 10 kilometers to the northwest of county seat of Luoping, is one of the most well-known rape flower shooting spots. The terraces here are ring-shaped, looking like the spiral threads on the screw and is a natural landscape formed by beaded karst funnel landform, and it remains rare due to so densely distributed funnels and irregular shapes strange, the depth of the landscape hits 50 meters with varied seasons and different scenes!


Shiwan Mountains Resort

Main venue of Luoping Rape Flowers Festival is located around Shiwan Mountains Resort. And it is in the southeast direction of the county seat of Luoping and along the Dashuijing to Duoyi River. The rapeseed fields here are widespread, flat and broad, and the resort is surrounded by vast golden flowers while being overlooked.


Jiulong Waterfalls

Jiulong Waterfalls is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction located at 22 kilometers in the north of Luoping County Seat, Yunnan Province. Because of special geological structure and millennial erosion of water flow, ten waterfalls with different heights, widths and shapes formed here. The largest waterfall is sized with 112 meters in width and 56 meters in height, being magnificent and magnificent, and receiving the top waterfall in Jiulong. Due to its numerous waterfalls and dense attractions, the Jiulong Waterfalls receives the fame with “Ten Waterfalls in Jiunan and Extraordinarily Resort in Southern China" thanks to its unique viewing characteristics and beautiful view all year round.


Duoyi River

Duoyi River, located at 40 kilometers in the southeast of Luoping County, covers the attractions from Duyizhai to Sanjiangkou titled with "Crowing of Cock Hearable to Residents in Adjoining Three Provinces". There are nearly 40 waterfalls on the 12-kilometer river bed. The river water is crystal, clear, blue and boundless all the year round, and the river is winding, stockaded Buyi villages are distributed along the river, while stilted building indistinctly appear bushes and bamboo forests, being a scene full of tropical scenery.


Lubuge Gorge

The resort is 46 kilometers away from Luoping County. It is located on the Huangni River, the boundary between the two provinces of Yunnan and Guizhou with full length in 19.8 kilometers, and it consists of Xiongshi Gorge, Dilingling Gorge and Shuangxiang Gorge, including the scenes such as the "Beauty Dressing", "Two Elephants Drink Water", "Ancient Lucid Ganoderma", "Roc Breaks the Wing", "Imperial Pavilion & Ancient Banyan" and "Feilong Waterfall", showing the magic and danger of nature. You will be enabled to forget worldly noise when boating there!


Taiye Lake Park

Being located in the center of Luoping county seat and adjoining to Jiulong Avenue, Taiye Lake Park consists of Main Entrance Square, Lashan Fairy Square, Huxin Island and Children's Park, being the location of “Taiye Chengbo” Resort, one of ancient ten attractions in Luoping.


Yudai Lake

Being located at 4 kilometers away to the southeast of the county seat of Luoping and adjacent to Yangzhewo Village under the m[FS:Page]ain peak of Baila Mountain, Yudai Lake is adjacent to hills and filled with water, and the lake is in ring shape, and it accommodates Yuanyang Island, which is surrounded by the lake water with clear and dark green color, or that is reflected like the jade belt, seeming to be placed in the wonderland!


Food in Luoping

Five-color Flower Rice

The five-color rice is traditional gourmet of the Buyi people, and it is called Wufan Rice by locals. This rice is not only featured with bright color but also delicious favor. The Buyi people have a long history of eating five-color rice, and the tradition has been preserved until today, and it has become the "patent" of the Buyi people. Conclusively, it has been must-have experience for visitors travelling to Luoping to taste five-color rice featured with Buyi characteristics.


Smoked Meat

Buyi smoked meat indicates the meat added with little salt and related spices and then hung on the firewood stove for roast smoking, and the taste of various seasonings and firewood will also infiltrate into the meat while the fresh meat is baked, preserving the flavor of meat and natural taste of natural plants.


Fried Dry Beef

The finest beef is selected and cut into strips, added with splices and mix well, put into the earthenware jar and pickled for 10-15 days, taken out and dried. The fried dry beef may be leisurely roasted on the side of the stove, and it is edible when the oiling color of fried dry beef turns yellow, use a wooden stick or a small hammer to beat the soft and tear it into a filament and put it on the ingredients. Mix well and serve. It is a special dish of the Buyi people.


Full-pot Soup

The full-pot soup is the monopolization of the Buyi people, who will hold worship ceremonies involving the mountain sacrifice and water sacrifice on the third day of the lunar calendar every year. The enjoyment of the full-pot soup is one of main contents of the festival. The taste of the full-pot soup is delicious and freshly with uniquely dip, and it tastes full of fragrance and comfort, and it will make you feel full and delightful.


Sour Bamboo Shoots

The bamboo shoots breaking through the soil are found to fully cover Duoyi River, Jiulong River, and Nanpan River, and the Buyi people produce the sour bamboo shoots dish, a delicious food with this material. Buyi sour bamboo shoots gives out the plant fragrance in acid, making people have great appetite. Cooked ham or other bacon with sour bamboo shoots is delicious and unusual. Additionally, the sour bamboo shoot fish is the most well-known special dish of the Buyi people.


Palm Leaves-wrapped Cake

The palm leaves-wrapped cake is the most distinctive food of the Buyi people. The materials required include the glutinous rice, sesame stick, selected cereal grass, myrcia leaves for rice dumplings, pork, spices, etc. Firstly burn the sesame stick and the selected cereals with fire, then put the glutinous rice in the burnt ash and rub it repeatedly till it takes on black, finally, the dish is edible by wrapping natural palm leaves of the Buyi people and putting them in a big pot and keep boiling for 3 hours, being full of flavor!


Festival Luoping

Luoping International Rapes Flower Festival

Luoping National Rape Flowers Culture Tourism Festival, since its successful launch in 1999, has become a large-scale festival of agricultural sightseeing tourism across China and even the world, and has become a highlight of Yunnan tourism. Around the Spring Festival every year, 800,000 Mu of rape flowers blossom successively. Luoping has become the ocean of rape flowers and golden world. Thousands of tourists rush to Luoping from all directions during the festival, view the clusters of flowers, enjoy the wonderfulness of flowers, and appreciate fascinating charm of golden clusters of flowers in the plateau.


"February 2" Buyi Song Singing Fair

The February 2nd of the lunar calendar is also known as "Minor New Year" in the traditional culture festival of the Buyi people. It takes three days to consume the Minor New Year. The households and families will prepare the dishes of Lunar New Year under lights overnights. The main missions of young Buyi men and women are to go to the singing site for dating by singing with songs. In the s[FS:Page]inging field, regardless of whether they know each other, they call each other with elder brother and younger sister. You will feel the friendliness and enthusiasm of the Buyi people, and the beautiful living atmosphere people live in harmony with their counterparts and nature when you attend the singing site personally.


"March 3" Buyi Water Splashing for Hilarity

The Buyi people is a waterside nation skilled in singing and dancing. The "March 3" means the "three replacement" in Buyi Language. It is a traditional festival for the Buyi people to worship the mountain gods and water gods and to enjoy the joy of the whole people, and it is also the spring festival of the Buyi people and one amid grandest festivals.


Mountain Worship Ceremony of the Buyi People

The "Mountain Worship Ceremony" is a long-standing folk custom of the Buyi people. The Buyi people is a multiple-god worship minority. The Buyi villages are bound to hold folk customs like the worship of the elderly' housing, mountain worship, water worship and the tree god worship on February 2nd, March 3rd, May 5th of the lunar calendar yearly.