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Jianshui Tuanshan Village

Jianshui Tuanshan Village is a typical mountain village where the Zhang’s Family lives in compact communities. Nowadays, there are 15 traditional houses, three village gates, three temples and one ancestral hall in well-preserved condition. 


It covers an area of 18,384.5 square metres and a building area of 16,158 square metres. As the typical dwelling in south Yunnan, it is usually composed a courtyard with three-side houses and a screen wall, a central courtyard with four small yards at each corner or a spacious central yard with three-side houses around winding corridor, which is covered by overhanging eaves and traditional white walls and black tiles in flexible layout and orderly structure. 

One is dazzled by a superb collection of beautiful things presented traditional culture, including gilded and colourful woodcarving, stone and brick carvings of exquisite craftsmanship and calligraphy and painting scrolls. 

A rural landscape rich in historical and cultural information of south Yunnan in the 19th century remained intact in Tuanshan Village. It is the best evidence with high historical and cultural value for investigating the development history of private business in old China. 

It was listed in the protection list of World Commemorative Architecture Heritage by the World Endangered Heritage Foundation in 2006, and awarded the title of the Characteristic Tourism Village in Yunnan Province in 2011. 

Total 12 traditional dwellings have been listed in the key cultural relics under national protection, including the Zhang’s Family Garden, the Ancestral Hall of the Zhang’s Family and Royal Titled Zhang’s Mansion.