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A Journey for Tea

The production area of Pu’er tea: The ancient tea grove in Jingmai Mountain, Lancang; the royal ancient tea garden in Kunlu Mountain, Fengyang Township, Ning’er County; the wild ancient tea tree community in Qianjiazhai, Zhenyuan County; the southwest side of Wuliang Mountain, Jinggu County; Wuliang Mountain, Jingdong County; Niuluohe, Jiangcheng County; and Fodian Mountain, Ximeng County. 

To find out your favorite tea production area among the numerous Pu’er tea gardens, enough preparation is needed. You should know about the variety of tea, the quality of tea leaf, the production period and the picking period for different tea mountains. 

In the tea production area, you can experience the whole process of tea making in the local tea workshop to make tea leaf for yourself. For example, in Pu’er Tea Manor, Jingmai Mountain, you can reserve to experience different tea making process according to season in a tea workshop integrating with national traditions and modern architectural styles. In the beautiful manor-style tea workshop, the neat, ordered and open production line behind the ground glass window greets Pu’er tea fans from all over the world to visit and study every day. 

From picking and transport of raw material to primary processing, fine processing and packing and to storing – the entire course is shown to the visitors.