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Travel Around Yunnan with this APP in your Smart Phones

The latest smart phone application on Yunnan Tourism has been officially available online. Developed by Yunnan Provincial People’s Government and one of the technology giants, Tencent, 游云南(Travel in Yunnan) app is now available to download in different App stores. It is an intelligent platform for holistic tourism in Yunnan. 


The application provides travel information of the scenic spots and areas within 16 prefectures in Yunnan. But what makes it deferent from other travel Apps? 

First of all, this app provides multiple choices of travel ideas for travellers to organise their travel routes by themselves. As for now, the platform is open to book air tickets, scenic spots tickets, some hotels and restaurants. Third, Travel in Yunnan App offers visitors a simple way to experience the destination through live stream. People could get a general understanding of what are some of the incredible landscapes, rich cultures and amazing views in Yunnan. Fourth, the audio tour makes it even easier for tourists to travel independently while absorbing knowledge of the spot and its surrounding flora by the App’s AI technology. 

In addition, this App updates latest information on public services, such as toilets location and parking lot location, and it also supports online payment. Furthermore, it features a “complain platform”, which deals with online complaining, phone complaining and voice mail complaining from visitors who feel unsatisfied with the services in certain tourist sites.