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Experience the eternity of spring in Kunming

In Kunming, you will be fascinated by the beauty and vastness of Dianchi Lake. In Kunming, your imagination will be inspired by the fauna and flora growing on the 8,200-acre wetland.

For three decades,black-headed gulls from Siberia have been living in harmony with humans. With these birds Kunming bursts with much greater vitality every winter.

The city is located on a plateau at an altitude of 1,891 meters surrounded by spectacular mountains. Its average annual temperature is 15℃ Celsius system. An agreeable climate that  makes spring an eternal season.Its 21,000-sq km land is home to a population of 7.26 million from 26 ethnic groups.

Its pleasant climate well-preserved ecosystem and biodiversity make the city a healthy habitat for people. Healthy Spring Cityhas become another trademark of Kunming.

Known as a pearl on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Kunming is a capital as well as the political, economic and cultural center of Yunnan province. As the only large city in the province Kunming is among the first group of Chinas 24 national historic and cultural cities.

The history of the city dates back thousand of years. Kunming is the crade of the Dian culture which was created 30 thousand years ago. It is also the birthplace of the Dian Kingdom which developed a splendid bronze culture over two thousand years ago. Kunming as a city was built over 1,250 years ago when the Nanazhao Kingdom expanded eastward to build defensive walls around the territory, Kunming is home to an abundance of cultural heritage, such as Yuantong Temple, Qiongzhu Temple and Golden Temple. 

Many prominent figures also have their roots in Kunming such as Zhenghe Chinese admiral and explorer, Nie Er who composed Chinas national anthem as well as many highly decorated generals who are graduates of Yunnan Military Academy. During Chinas war against Japanese aggression, NSAU ( Kunming Base  National SouthWest Associated University ) became a pool of Chinese academic elites who collectively wrote a glorious chapter in Chinas education history. Kunming is also part of the “Hump”air route in WWⅡ a paradigm of international cooperation in war. 

From the ancient Southern Silk Road to the strategic junction of todays Belt and Road the city has always been a place inspiring people to pursue dreams.

The city can be easily accessed with its well-developed transportation network including 8 domestic railways 5 international railways and over 300 air routes to every corner of the world.

Home to more than 2,000 foreign companies invested by over 40 countries and territories. Kunming has become a new investment destination for Fortune 500 companies as well as Chinas top 500 companies. National Dian Zhong New Area has become a global magnet of high=tech industries as well as a powerful engine of economic growth for Kunming and the rest of the province. 

Another growth engine Chenggong District is committed to becoming a model green low-carbon and liveable investment destination.Chenggong University Town is a land of vitality and dynamism that represents the bright future of the city.

With the rapid rise of emerging industries and bonded logistics, Kunming as an open city is becoming another destination of choice for international investments and capital.

As a critical hub of the Belt and the Road, Kunming is also the gateway to South and Southeast Asia. While driving the development of the central parts of Yunnan, the city is integrating with the rest of China and the world and connecting with Chinas neighboring countries. Today Kunming is accelerating its pace to transform itself into a regional international hub capable of expanding. Its influence nationwide and to South and Southeast Asia.

Kunming is a land of opportunity that is synonymous with spring promise and success. In Kunming spring has become eternal. In Kunming you will reap a better future.

Welcome to Kunming

Pursue your dream and global success where spring is eternal 



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