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Pu'er Dendrobe

The third treasure of Pu'er is the latecomer - dendrobe. Dendrobe, also called yellow grass, belongs to dendrobium category plant. It is of important value both in health care and for medicinal purposes, with particularly remarkable functions in enhancement of immunity, in promotion of blood circulation, and in function enhancement of heart and lungs. From the prospective of clinical application, dendrobe has a good effect on fever. 

However, for a long time, dendrobe in Pu'er grow in wild, people only use a small amount of it for medicinal and ornamental purpose, no extra development, therefore, dendrobe can be seen everywhere in Pu'er, especially for ornamental purpose in front of and behind the houses in mountains and plains. Back to over 20 years, some businessmen out of the city came and purchased in a large number of wild dendrobe, that's why the wild dendrobe in Pu'er met endangered extinction. 

In recent years, along with the discovery of great medical value and health care value of dendrobe, Pu'er started the artificial cultivation of dendrobe, successively introduced dendrobe enterprises as Pu'er Wangwang Wild Plant Development Co., Ltd. and Yunnan Jinling Plant Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to develop dendrobe industry. Because of increasingly higher profits, external enterprises and spontaneous farmers in counties (districts) increased year by year. 

At present, Pu'er has eight relatively large dendrobe plantation companies, mainly distributed in the Dazhai Village of Yixiang Town, Manlian Village, Sankezhuang Village and Manxiba Village of Nanping Town, Sanjia Village of Simao Town and so on. Dendrobe, as a high-end health drink, has become another feature industry of Pu'er. 

In the past, dendrobe flowers can be found everywhere, in the present it has become a high-end drink pursued by people. In the Meizi Lake Hotel, a cup of dendrobe tea is priced over a hundred yuan. Wild dendrobe gets great increase in price, it's not surprising for dendrobe to become a rare and expensive drink. For Pu'er people, it brings more pleasure than worries, although people would not be luxury enough to pick a dendrobe flower and plug it in the head, but ordinary people get one more way to make a living and to get rich.

Spring and summer, the beautiful seasons for dendrobe to bloom, hope Pu'er dendrobe can give more people health, beauty and enjoyment.