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Water-Splashing Festival of Dai People

It has been hundreds of years since the birth of Water-Splashing Festival passing down as an ethnic convention from generation to generation. On that day, the old and the young, women and men, all Dai people will dress up in holiday clothing. Women will shoulder the burden of water for Buddha bathing to pray for blessings. After "Buddha bathing", people will start to splash water on each other for blessing, hoping that diseases and disasters will be washed away by the holy water. Young men and women, with various vessels holding water, rush to streets and alleys, chase and play. "Water splashed makes Dai people flourish." "Getting wet means happiness got forever." Water sprays in the air, representing luck, happiness and health. People splash water heartily with laughter. 

Date: Mid April, i.e. the sixth month in Dai calendar

Location: Xishuangbanna, Dehong etc.