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Yunnan National Parks, Parent-Child Travel in Summer Vacation, Understanding Nature as Playing

National park is a natural area to be specifically protected, managed and utilized that the nation divided for ecological tourism, scientific research and environmental education to conserve integrity of one or more typical ecological systems. The earliest "national park" in the world is Yellowstone National Park established in the United States in 1872. Unveiling ceremony of Shangri-La Potatso National Park in 2007 declared official establishment of the national park in mainland China. As colorful south of the cloud of long historic culture and natural scenery, there are certainly more than one national park in Yunnan. 

Shangri-La Potatso National Park

Shangri-La Potatso National Park is located in the heartland of “Three Parallel Rivers” world natural heritage of northwest of Yunnan, 22 kilometers away from Shangri-La County Town and is composed of two parts, Bitahai Lake Nature Reserve, an internationally important wetland and Shudu Lake scenic area of “Three Parallel Rivers”, the world natural heritage Red Mountain District. 

As the first AAAA national park in mainland China, it integrates with environmental protection, ecological cultural tourism, environmental education and community benefit functions.

Ticket Price: 130 yuan/person


Pu'er Taiyang River National Forest Park

Taiyang River National Forest Park, formerly known as Laiyang River National Forest Park, of which the forest coverage rate reaches 94.5%, reserves south subtropical monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest that is the largest and integrated in China. Dry and wet seasons are distinct throughout the year. The annual rainfall capacity is 1,600 mm. The air negative oxygen ion content is extremely high. Pleasant climate with no hotness in summer and no coldness in winter is available. 

There are 2104 species of plants and 812 species of wild animals in the scenic area, which is called "natural garden". Here is also the sole "habitat of Javanese bison" in China and is called “the hometown of bison”.

Ticket Price: 150 yuan/person for adult

Diqing Meili Snow Mountain National Park

Meili Snow Mountain is located in back-land of Hengduan Mountains and belongs to "Three Parallel Rivers" world natural heritage place and national level scenic area. It is one of the areas in which the biodiversity is the most abundant in China and temperate areas in the world and one of the 17 key regions of biodiversity protection in China, which is reputed as "one of the ten most beautiful mountains in China".

The overall length of Meili Snow Mountain is 150 kilometers. Meili Snow Mountain is the heaven for mild life with particular low latitude glacier, complicated plateau landform and plateau monsoon climate of indistinct four seasons but distinct dry and wet. The National Geographic Magazine of the United States has rated it as one of the “Last 5 Pure Lands” in the world.

Ticket Price: According to the scenic spots to be visited. 

Lijiang Laojunshan National Park

Lijiang Laojunshan National Park is situated in the west of Lijiang which the Jinsha River encircles its left and the Lancang River embraces its right so that it may be an important part of world natural heritage “Three Parallel Rivers” national key scenic spot and is praised as “the ancestry of Yunnan Mountains” and “the image of the earth’s original appearance”. 

Laojunshan National Park has abundant forest resources, numerous varieties and large amount of growing stock. The scenic area is situated in differentiation and origin center of spermatophyte so that it has been one of three peculiar centers of spermatophytes in China, which the biodiversity holds extremely special and important status in China and even the world.

Ticket Price: 80 yuan/person

Honghe Dawei Mountain National Park

Honghe Dawei Mountain National Park is adjacent to China-Vietnam border in south. The forest coverage rate is over 81.5%. Because it is located on the Tropic of Cancer, it is called “a green pearl on the Tropic of Cancer”. 

With moist rainforest, season rainforest, mountainous region moss evergreen deep broad-leaved forest and mountain top moss coppice from the lowest elevation 76.4 meters to the highest elevation 2,365 meters, Dawei Mountain is the region in which moist rainforest and tropic mountain forest vertical series are the most integrated. 

Because of the influence of the quaternary glacial period, numerous ancient and peculiar rare animals and plants are preserved. As one of the three existing peculiar centers of biological groups, Dawei Mountain has been a refuge for ancient tropical forest an[FS:Page]imals and plants so that it is also called “gene library of animals and plants in China”. As well as one of the three Biological Group Center in China.

Ticket Price: 40 yuan/person


 Lincang Nangun River National Park

Lincang Nangun River National Nature Reserve was built in 1980. It is a national natural reserve for wildlife and wild animal including Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Hyelaphus, Lar Gibbon, Black Crested Gibbon and other rare wild animals and multiple forest environment for their inhabit. 

The conservation area is the place of origin of dendrocalamus sinicus, the thickest bamboo known in the world and the primate animal variety is the most.

Ticket Price: 50 yuan/person

Xishuangbanna National Park

Xishuangbanna Tropic Rainforest National Park is situated in the territory of Jinghong, Mengla and Menghai County of Xishuangbanna Prefecture, the south of Yunnan Province. The tropic monsoon rainforest, south subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest, rare wild animal and plant populations and the whole forest ecology are invaluable asset. It is the sole tropic forest that is in good keep and in contiguous large area in the world. 

Various types of forest are also intersected in the national park as one of genetic gene library in which Chinese tropic plant are centralized and the treasure in Chinese tropic region.

Ticket Price: Ticket package 198 yuan/person

Zhaotong Dashanbao National Park

Dashanbao National Park is situated in Dashanbao Town, west of Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, which is known for black-necked crane, wetland, meadow, canyon, cloud sea, sunrise, sunset, Buddha’s light and other ecological natural sceneries.

In 2003, the national park was approved as “Black-necked Crane National Level Natural Reserve”. In 2004, it was included into the list of “International Important Wetland”. In December 2011, it was elected as “the Most Beautiful Wetland in China” It is a happy home for black-necked crane, the world’s endangered and rare species (about 1,300, approximately one fourth of the black-necked crane species in the world).

Ticket Price: 78 yuan/person

Baoshan Gaoligong Mountain National Park

Gaoligong Mountain is from Nyenchen Tanglha Mountains in Tibet. Gaoligong National Park is the largest forest and wild animal type natural reserve in Yunnan Province and is rated as “the world’s species gene library”, “natural museum” and “paradise of pheasant magpie class in the world”. 

In 1992, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) listed Gaoligong Mountain Natural Reserve into Class A natural reserve with international importance. In 2000, approved by UNESCO, Baoshan Gaoligong Mountain National Park joined in the world network of people and biosphere.

Ticket Price: Free of charge

 Diqing Baima Snow Mountain National Park

Baima Snow Mountain is situated in the core region of “Three River Parallel” world natural heritage. It is a natural reserve of the largest area and the highest elevation in Yunnan Province and original high mountain needle forest area in which biodiversity of regions in low latitude and high elevation is in good keep, and is also the core inhabit of Yunnan snub-nosed monkey, the peculiar species in China and the endangered species in the world. 

It is one of 25 biodiversity protection hot spots. Vegetation in the scenic area is clearly vertically distributed. The horizontal distance is less than 40 kilometers with 7 to 16 plant distribution band spectrum. There are circaeaster agrestis, pseudotsuga forrestii and key national preserved animals such as Yunnan snub-nosed monkey, clouded leopard and lesser panda. It enjoys a good reputation of “the kingdom of high mountain animal and plant in cold temperate zone”. 

Ticket Price: Free of charge, but the travelers who want to enter the mountain are required to go through the approval formalities at the reserve authority before entering. 


Chuxiong Ailaoshan National Park

Ailaoshan National Park is situated in joint part of three geographic regions, the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, Hengduan Mountains and the southern margin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It is a forest ecological system type natural reserve to protect subtropical middle mountain moist evergreen broad-leaf forest ecological system and black gibbon, green peacock, trachypithecus phayrei and rare wild animals. 

There are 1,500 varieties of higher plants of which there are 14 varieties of national key protected plants such as tetracentron sinense and wild litchi and 435 types of higher animals of which there are more than 20 varieties of national key protected animals such as black gibbon, stump-tailed monkey an[FS:Page]d green peacock. With significant scientific value, approved by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ailaoshan National Park was listed as orientation observation station for forest ecological system by “Human and Biosphere” of the United Nations.

Ticket Price: Free of charge

Nujiang River Grand Canyon National Park

Nujiang River Grand Canyon National Park has the most internationally representative evergreen broad-leaf forest. It is also the largest and the most primitive area of Taiwania flousiana forest in the world. These high and primitive Taiwania flousiana distributes contiguously to be magnificent landscape of the primitive Taiwania flousiana forest, which has extremely high protection science. 

Nujiang Grand Canyon is from Tibet Luolong Jiayu Bridge nearby to Yuejin Bridge on Lushui River. It is the longest canyon in the world, which the overall length is approximately 600 kilometers, extending for up to 700 kilometers, about twice the size of the Colorado Canyon in the United States (350 kilometers), over 200 kilometers longer than Yarlung Zangbu Grand Canyon.

Ticket Price: Free of charge


Nujiang River Dulong River National Park

Dulong River National Park, the northwards extending part of Shan State – Malaya plot, is situated in the transition zone of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Hengduan Mountains, of which the geological structure is complicated and the geological phenomenon is typical. Gone through intricate earthcrust evolution, tectonic movement, magmatic action, metamorphism and mineralization, as uplifting Himalaya Mountain System, strong new tectonic movement also produced strong uplift and indentation surrounding Dulong River. With strong effluent force action, deep cutting longitudinal canyon that Dulong River keeps pace with “Three-River” canyon band parallel mountain valley zone formed.

Ticket Price: Free of charge

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