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Yunnan Mojiang National Forest Park becomes the 3rd National Forest Park in Pu’er

On December 27, 2017, the State Forestry Administration approved the administrative license determination approving Mojiang County to set up a national forest park named "Yunnan Mojiang National Forest Park" which is the 3rd national forest park in Pu’er after the Pu’er Taiyanghe National Park and the Lancang National Forest Park, providing a new national "forest oxygen bar" for Pu’er. It is reported that Yunnan Mojiang National Forest Park covers an operating area of 9,838.14 ha., including 9,811.52 ha. of woodland area. 

Mojiang National Forest Park consists of Yangshiling area and Sandstone Canyons area. Yangshiling area, located around the county, with dense forest, is an ideal place to enrich the forest ecological culture, protect the suburban biodiversity, and provide citizens with leisure and vacation space. Sandstone Canyons area, with rich and unique biodiversity as well as valuable resources like the most spectacular sandstone canyon at the southernmost ridge of longitudinal gorge, the composite landscape of sandstone cliffs and the magnificent Hani culture, will be the main area of the forest park for biodiversity conservation and natural tourism development in the future. 

Sandstone Canyons area is a virgin land which has not been touched by animal and plant resource investigation. The Sijia River Canyon, the Puye River Canyon, the Guode River Canyon and the Green-leaf River Canyon are deep and secluded. Special valley ecological effect breeds a very special biodiversity.