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Zhuomulang Village, Weishan, Dali

Amidst the tiered terraces, ancient trees over 100 years old, and misty fog, there lies the Zhuomulang Village hidden in the Weishan Mountain. Local people cannot understand the Chinese language, and the traffic is not developed, thus people who come here from outside will have an illusion that they had arrived at a paradise. 

The ethnic clothing of the local people in Zhuomulang Village is mostly in fresh red or fresh green, which is different from the other places where the color of their clothing is simple and plain. And the patterns on their clothing is also gorgeous, showing a high profile in this remote mountain area. Camellia, rhododendron, pomegranate, butterfly... 

Every single thread is sewed by women in Zhuomulang Village. Some has said the life of a woman in Zhuomulang Village is passed in sewing threads. The Stomping Dance of Yi people in Zhuomulang Village has strict rules with strong local features. Here, the music of Yi people is well protected and inherited in diversified forms, carrying the Yi people's history and culture passing down through thousands of years, as well as implying and manifesting the charm of Yi music. 

Travel Tips: 

No shuttle bus to Zhuomulang. You can take the shuttle bus from Dali (Xiaguan) to Weishan (52 km, every 15 minutes a shuttle bus leaves Xiaguan North Passenger Station for Weishan), then get off at Dacang Town, then rent a van to Zhuomulang Village, which is a trip of 18 km all on dirt road and mountain road, it will take you about 1 hour, and the fee for the van is about 100~150 Yuan. 

 (Source: Yunnan Niche Travel)