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One Day Slow Life in Kunming

Compare with some large cities Kunming is full of laziness. It is a good place for you to enjoy a relaxed vacation. Cuihu area not only has natural scenery and culture of the city but delicious local foods and drinks. It is the most pleasant place for slow life in Kunming.


Cuihu Park

Cuihu Park also known as the Green Lake Park. It is located in downtown Kunming. Cuihu Park has different looks in the whole year. In spring it is full of green, lush trees reflection in lake water. The lotus flowers start blooming in summer, breeze with the fragrance of the lotus, what a cool moment in the hot summer days. In autumn, everything in the park become golden.Winter is also the most beautiful season in Cuihu Park, the Red-billed Gull come from Siberia to Kunming share the sunshine with the people in the cold winter. If you want to play with Red-billed Gull, you can try to put bread in hand or spray in the air, these lovely seagulls will quickly take food away.  



Yunnan University

Yunnan University has been established nearly a hundred years ago, the campus is full of buildings and landscapes full of humanity. As a landmark of Yunnan University, Huize Yuan’s typical French-style architecture represents the urban scene of Kunming at the same time. In the campus there are well preserved Ming and Qing dynasties imperial examination room-Yunnan Gongyuan.




Yunnan Military Academy

Yunnan Military Academy old site located at West Cuihu Road, next to the Cuihu Park and Yunnan University. The old building is currently well preserved, the yellow-style building is particularly eye-catching in the green trees. Yunnan Military Academy was built in 1909 and was known as one of the three major lecture halls in China. Zhu De, Ye Jianying, Lu Han and many other outstanding military revolutionaries have been study in here. The whole building adopts Yunnan's most distinctive walk-through structure, with a spacious corridor and a circular connection., just like a small castle. The interior of the building is open as an exhibition hall, with a large classroom, a weapon library, and a long-term fixed exhibition showing the history of the martial arts school, the 99 uprising and the national protection.


Wenlin Art Museum

Wenlin Art Museum is located at 93 Wenlin Street, downtown Kunming, with prosperous humanity and historical significance. Wenlin Art Museum is opened from 11am to 10pm, Tuesday to Friday (closed on Monday). The first and only one museum opening to the public at night in downtown Kunming. Wenlin Art Museu provides visitors not only exhibitions, also the fine cafe, warm resting areas, mini library, classrooms and smoking area. It will hold a lot of kinds of art activities, public services, and it dedicates to make the art become part of daily living.



After you visit the scenic spot around the Cuihu Park, you may feel hungry so where is the best place for traditional local food? 


Sedentary Wine Pub is next to the Wenlin Art Museum, located at 93-3 Wenlin Street. It’s like a liquor supermarket, self-service selection of your favorite drinks.




Wenlin Street is always a best place to find bars in Kunming. As well as many unique coffee shop located at Wenlin Street, such as Guangzong No.3 Cafe. The cafe shop is just on the right side of a small alley. From the outside it looks like an ordinary wooden old house, but inside is very different. The construction in first floor is full of traditional Kunming style. There is an open-air balcony on the second floor, you can really enjoy the sunshine in a sunny afternoon.




Life in Kunming is really easy. If you feel tried about the busy time, then come to Kunming to have a break. 


Article source:innyo

Photo source:innyo