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Alu Scenic Area


Alu Scenic Area is located to the north of Luxi County seat, southeastern Yunnan, 150 km from Kunming (2 hours by car). It is adjacent to the famous Stone Forest Scenic Area, only 30-minute drive away from the stone forest. Alu Scenic Area is one of the national scenic areas, national AAAA-level tourist attractions, national geoparks, and ISO9001/ISO14001 international quality/environmental management system certification areas.



Alu Scenic Area highlights the Alu Cave, Wuzhe Hot Springs, Chengzi Ancient Village, Allah Lake, Dailu Waterfall, Jiuxishan Forest Park and other over 50 attractions with main natural landscapes such as underground karst, river, lake, waterfall and spring, supplemented by authentic and original national culture, together forming the human settlement environment with harmonious ecological landscape and humanities landscape and a tourist area with rich characteristic ecological culture, which is a good place for leisure, vacation and recreational health care. 



The core area - Alu Cave - is known as the "first cave in Yunnan", covering the four natural wonders, i.e. the Cave-Buddha, the Heaven Created Fetish, the Clouds in Ancient Cave, the Underground River Mirage, which are rare to be seen in the world.


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